NOTD! Zoya “Crystal”


Zoya "Crystal"

Zoya “Crystal”! This was the star of the recent winter 2010 collection.  I remember hearing about this polish non-stop, and of course, I wasn’t able to get my hands on it until after the holidays.  I found it in a local hair salon just around the corner from my house, and it was the last bottle left, proving that once you stop looking for something you’ll stumble across it.

Formula & Application: Zoya is a 4-Free brand (including formaldehyde resin) plus they leave out camphor, which for some people can be irritating to the nails and skin.  The bottle is glass, holds 0.5 fl oz and the signature plastic black cap is kind of iconic in the nail polish world. Nothing exciting to report with the brush, its rather ordinary and what you’d expect with a nail polish brush. 
The formula on Crystal is thin, but so are a lot of Zoya formulas, 3 coats were neccessary to get this level of opacity. The wear on this nail polish is actually surprisingly good.  Last time I wore this, it lasted about 4 or 5 days before it started to chip.  It did fade rather quickly though.
Now for the color … Its a medium toned blue frost with gold flecks in it.  Super unique! You see so many blue frosts with some silver in it but this is the first that I’ve ever seen with gold!  If you’re a Michigan fan, this is a toned down way to support your college team (sorry to say I’m a buckeye fan so I can’t join you there).  It catches the light all the time, to the point where I’ve heard some people call this a semi-foil.  Overall … I love this color whenever I wear it and then I forget about it because I have so many colors.  It really is pretty and unique but it doesn’t get enough love from me. 
What do you guys think? Does anyone have this polish, and what are your thoughts on it? Was it as hard to find for you? and do you find the Zoya formula as thin as I do?

3 thoughts on “NOTD! Zoya “Crystal”

  1. This is pretty, and I’ve never paid attention to it before! I didn’t pick up on Zoyas until the next year, I think, so I guess the furor had died down by then.

    (Also, I’ve been reading your blog off & on for a year or so but this is the first time I’ve thought to go trolling through your older posts. Don’t you love it when people do that? I’m not a stalker, I promise…)

    • lol no worries! i look through my old posts sometimes and think wow look how weird my nails look and wow what the hell is that hand pose lol its funny to see how much has changed in the last 2 years

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