Bright White Nail Whitening Review

As a huge nail polish junkie, I won’t go a single day without having my nails painted.  An unfortunate result of having very pretty hands … my nakey nails are an awesome shade of smoker yellow (no offense to smokers out there).  They are always a weird gradient from pink to mustard that is so unflattering that now I can’t even have bare nails even if I wanted to.  Its something that I’ve learned to deal with but during a recent trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply, I noticed something that could possibly solve my canary fingers problem. 

Bright White Nail Whitening system promises to noticeably whiten nails in just 5 minutes.  Naturally, being a victim of the age of advertising, I’m skeptical about everything.  But for $3.49, just more than my Starbucks order, I figured I’d give it a try.  Here’s the results …

Basically … it didn’t do much.  I saw some difference, but not enough to make me buy the product again.

Does anyone know a product that works better than this one?  Am  I the only one who didn’t have great results? Let me know your thoughts!

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