NOTD! Essie “Haute as Hello”

Haute as Hello

Essie "Haute as Hello"

Essie’s “Haute as Hello”!  I have come across this color so much and always thought it wasn’t a shade that would fit my personality.  I would see it on YouTube or on other girls and always think that its so pretty but never thought I could pull off such a hot coral-y pink.  In a recent trip to Ulta, I finally just decided to try it out and couldn’t be happier with that decision!  I picked it up and was a little scared of this color because its so bright and girly but I got so many compliments while wearing this polish. 

Unfortunately, the lighting isn’t the best so its not coming across as bright as it is in person but I had at least 3 girls tell me they loved this polish today … and frankly I agree with them. This creme finish coral dries rather matte, not shiney at all, which I was really suprised about and it was hard to get a completely even finish.

Formula & Application: Essie nail polishes are 3-Free. The square glass bottles have the logo embossed right into the glass and just like zoya, the brush is pretty ordinary.  The formula wasn’t neccessarily thin or watery, but it was sooo hard to get an even application.  If you notice the pinky, towards the cuticle its not completely opaque.  I was getting pretty frustrated and this is 3 coats! It’s an opaque polish after 2 coats but I couldn’t get the application to be even on all my fingers.
Overall, I can’t stop staring at my fingers and like any female, I love the compliments.  But applying this polish is so frustrating I don’t know how often this will be coming out of my collection.
Does anyone have Essie’s “Haute as Hello”? What do you think of this color? And on a weirder note … what do you think of this coral and orange trend this spring?

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