NOTD! Butter London “Teddy Girl”

Teddy Girl
Butter London “Teddy Girl”

Butter London “Teddy Girl”! Normally, I am not a pink girl but I have been on this weird kick of wanting to wear more “normal” colors … such as pinks and reds.  My whole life I never liked pink, never ever, not even as a little girl, I was always a blue or black kinda person.  But for some odd reason, I really wanted pink on my nails and I don’t own any pinks.

But on a recent trip to Ulta, who now carry Butter London (so pumped!), I saw this creme pink that was light enough not to make me feel like a barbie wanna-be.  I waited a few days before trying it out but I am very pleasantly surprised.  Although my boyfriend told me to take it off right away because he wasn’t the biggest fan, screw him, I’m gonna rock it as long as I want to.  I’ve had it on for 2 days now and as you can see theres no chipping and no fading so far.
Formula and Application:  Butter London is a 3-Free company.  I have never explained what 3-free means, but it means that they leave about Formaldehyde, Toluene and DBP.  Basically they don’t use chemicals that are bad for you.  The rectangular bottle is rather skinny, which you can’t see from the picture, and the black cap is actually a fake cap! It slides off to reveal a small, ridged, plastic cap with the butter london bird logo.  The cap and the actual wand are both very short but the brush is a little longer but kind of skinny.  It fanned out fine to cover my nails.  And the best part of the polish … it was practically opaque in one coat!! The formula was on the thicker side but that didn’t slow down drying time, which was so shocking.  I did 2 coats just to make sure everything was even and it was one of my faster manicures in a while.
I realize this post is longer than a normal Nail of the Day post should be but I can’t stop raving about Butter London right now.  The thicker formula that made the polish opaque mixed with a fast dry time! I’m so impressed, which goes to prove that you get what you pay for.  Butter London retails for $14 and I was a little hesitant to pay that much but in my opinion it’s totally worth it for the quality of the product you get.  Now I want
more Butter London polishes (especially No More Waity Katie).
What do you guys think? Does anyone else have any Butter London polishes? What is your favorite Butter London polish? What do you guys think of No More Waity Katie?

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