NOTD! Butter London “Teddy Girl” with Deborah Lippmann “Glitter in the Air”

Teddy Girl and Glitter in the Air
Butter London “Teddy Girl” and Deborah Lippmann “Glitter in the Air”

A layered manicure today! Butter London’s “Teddy Girl” with Deborah Lippmann’s “Glitter in the Air” as a top coat!  I couldn’t bring myself to take this polish off, despite my boyfriend asking me to.  I don’t know why some guys have such an problem with pale pink but love hot red.  Guys have the tendency to be confusing.  But I loved it, and didn’t even want to take it off.  Coupled with the fact that it lasted, chip free except for some wear in the tips, for 4 days!!

I’m Butter London’s biggest advocate right now.  So I kept the pink on and layered Deborah Lippmann’s “Glitter in the Air” on top.  “Glitter in the air” was one of the polishes released for spring this year and everyone has been trying to come up with franken polishes to achieve the same look.  Its very sheer and can’t really we worn on its own but over any pale pastel it is positively gorgeous and always seems to remind me of an easter egg!
 What do you guys think of this ultra girly manicure? Does anyone else have “Glitter in the Air”?

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