Perfume, an introduction.

Perfume is such a personal thing for females and also is a little insight to the type of person you are.  The type of scents that you gravitate towards tells a story of where you’ve been, the memories that have made up your past, and the image that you want to present to the world.  Perfume tells the stranger next to you if you’re the type of person who loves originality or if you love the latest trends.  Are you the shy type who gravitates towards cleaner scents because that is what fits your personality more than a spicy scent?  Or do you perk up when you smell magnolia because it reminds you of summer nights during your childhood?


Perfume is just another way to express yourself by appealing to another one of our senses.  I’m digging really deep here and probably reading to far into perfume but these are the things I think about when I smell perfume.  What type of woman is this perfume aimed to please?  Why do I gravitate towards certain scents and always seem to stick in the same scent group?  And just like how perfume is a personal choice, the person wearing the perfume changes the scent, so no two people will ever smell alike.  Perfume is probably one of the most unique aspects of the beauty world. 

I am a huge collector of perfumes.  I love seeing all those bottles on my shelf and picking out the scent that best matches my mood or outfit for that day.  I love how girly I feel when I wear Tocca’s “Guilietta” or how clean I feel when I wear Chanel’s “Chance Eau Tendre”.  I have a ton of perfumes and will always be a collector.  I guess this post is an introduction into a series I’m planning on writing.  I am going to review all of my favorite perfumes as well as any new releases that are coming out. 

I still am totally fascinated by why certain scents appeal to certain females and how perfume can smell different on everyone.  Look forward to reading all about perfumes!

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