OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection! First Thoughts …

OPI Pirates

Promo Picture for OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection


So last night, I got a call from my best friend telling me that she had just gotten the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection in at her salon. She invited me in to play with all the new polishes, test them out and form some opinions about the collection before I buy any polishes. I love nail polish, but it can get expensive, so I love the fact that I have a friend who works at a salon so I can test certain brands before I buy.

Pirate Polish Display

The Display

Upon walking in you get to see the display, which OPI has upgraded since the Katy Perry collection came out.  If any of you remember the Katy Perry line from January, the black shatter was included in the display … which meant that there were only 2 polishes out on the display at a time.  OPI smartened up since the black shatter caused the massive cracking nail polish craze.  Basically, for anyone who follows nail polish trends … Cracking polish is the new Matte polish (every company went crazy with matte polish last year).   For this collection, they released a silver metallic shatter polish.  You can already tell, that is going to be a hot item this May.

Pirate Colors

The Colors


About the colors, they are nothing special.  Is it just me or is anyone bored by some of these new colors coming out? It seems like every new polish that is coming out is just a recycled polish.  I love grey polish but I’m sick of seeing 3 or 4 for every season.  Didn’t the greige trend pass already? I keep hearing people say “Skull and Crossbones (the light greyish tan) is going to be my signature color this summer!” and “Stranger Tides is amazingly pretty”.  In my humble yet loud opinion, I am not impressed.  This collection seems so ordinary and in a way kind of late.  I know its May, but this is a release for late spring early summer and these colors are ringing early spring to me. 

I don’t know for sure if these are creme polishes or if they are that new “sorbet” finish that OPI debuted with the most recent texas collection.  To be honest, I didn’t play with those polishes much because none of them caught my eye, so I cant tell you if these polishes are the same consistency.  The sorbet finish is new and unique to OPI, and it’s supposed to be a cross between a creme and a jelly polish.  But from what I’ve heard it’s nothing overly special.

This polishes are the same … nothing special.  The color pay off was good for Mermaid’s Tears, Planks A Lot, and Sparrow Me the Drama but the others were so pastel and muted that they can easily be lost and even more easily duped.  I can’t repeat myself enough, but I was so not impressed with this collection because how many times can a company release pastel creme shades!  I want something new and something more interesting.  I actually was hoping for something on the darker side to coincide with The Pirates of the Caribbean movie.  But on a positive side, I loved the names! OPI always has the best polish names but these were just so cute and inventive I found myself giggling as I was playing with each shade.

But I can’t leave out the picture of me actually trying out the Silver Shatter.  This is going to be the hard to find color of the month, everyone is going to want it, and honestly I wanted it also until I tried it.  That is the biggest advantage to having a best friend working at a salon!  I would have wasted $8.50 on a polish I would have worn a handful of times, probably mostly trying to make it work.  It ruined my cherished Butter London “Victoriana” manicure that I had been rocking for several days.  Maybe it was the fact that I had a top coat on but I never had an issue with the Black Shatter not shattering when applied over a top coat.  Maybe the fact that the Silver Shatter is a different consistency than the Black Shatter (ya know, being a metallic polish rather than a matte polish).  I don’t know what the problem was but my shatter didn’t shatter!

Silver Shatter

OPI Silver Shatter over Butter London "Victoriana"


Very disappointing!  There was barely any cracking and it seemed so watery and sheer! My friend put it on over a pink, and it did the same to her.  I was pretty upset, I’m not gonna lie, I wanted so bad for this to change my mind about the whole crackle craze.  I wasn’t a big fan of all the crackle polishes to begin with but I had high hopes for this one because it seemed like it could be more “me”. 

My rating for this collection: D+ … the only thing that saved it from an F is that the colors weren’t sheer and I did like Mermaid’s Tears, just not enough to justify buying it (at least right now).

What do you guys think? Are there any of these colors that you guys want or already picked up? Has anyone had the same problems with the silver shatter that I did?

2 thoughts on “OPI Pirates of the Caribbean Collection! First Thoughts …

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