Nail of the Day! Essie “Lilacism”


Essie "Lilacism"

I had been eyeing Essie’s “Lilacism” for quite some time and in my last trip to Ulta I finally picked it up.  This light creme purple is just so classic and one of the few colors I feel like can still straddle the edge of being classic and modern at the same time.  This is my first light purple, which is rather surprising because I have almost every color, and the reason I had to have this color is because it is just such a cult favorite.  Every girl who raves about nail polish either picks this color or OPI’s “Done Out in Deco” as their favorite lavendar shades.  The OPI is more muted, like a dusty lilac, while Essie is more vibrant.

Formula & Application: Essie nail polishes are 3-Free. The square glass bottles have the logo embossed right into the glass and just like zoya, the brush is pretty ordinary.  The formula wasn’t neccessarily thin or watery, but it was sooo hard to get an even application.  I was getting pretty frustrated and this is 3 coats! It’s an opaque polish after 2 coats but I couldn’t get the application to be even on all my fingers. I actually had to remove all the polish on my middle finger and start all over while the other nails were finished because the application was so difficult and it got all tacky.  Needless to say, I was royally frustrated the entire time I was applying this.  The formula seemed to get thicker the longer I worked with it and the dry time seemed a lot longer than normal.
Final verdict, I really didn’t like this color when I wore it.  I have to say, I change my polish according to my mood and after wearing something so dark I was still feeling the darker polishes.  After struggling so bad to get this to look good, I didn’t even like the color.  Not saying I don’t like the color at all, I love this color, but I wasn’t feeling it AT THE TIME.  Its like wearing your favorite sexy outfit when you’re feeling like wearing sweatpants.  Its not that you don’t love that outfit but you just feel like wearing something else.  Thats how I felt about this polish.
So, trying to salvage the manicure that took me so long to get perfect, I added China Glaze Crackle in “Lightning Bolt”.
Lilacism and Lightning Bolt

Essie's "Lilacism" with China Glaze Crackle "Lightning Bolt"

Like I stated in my OPI Pirates Collection post, I can’t get into the Crackle craze.  I have 2 different colors from 2 different brands and I still don’t LOVE these.  I have “Lightning Bolt” on my toes right now and I’m not hating it as much as I hate it on my nails, but I’m still itching to take it off.  I like the color combo, it was subtle and in my opinion very feminine, but I hated how my middle finger and index finger turned out.  What most girls love about the crackle is that not every finger cracks the same, and thats half of what I hate about  it.  I don’t like how one or two nails will look exactly how I wanted the crackle to look, and then the rest don’t crack enough or the color is uneven or just looks sloppy. 

Overall, I couldn’t even rock this for a full day, I had to take it off.  From what I’m hearing from other nail polish junkies, the crackle is the coolest thing and they are grabbing up new shades like its canned food back on Dec 31, 1999.  I’m not into it.  But what do you guys think? Should I have left it on longer than a few hours? Am I crazy for not getting into this craze? And does anyone own/love lilacism?

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