Nail of the Day: Orly “Space Cadet”

Space Cadet

Orly "Space Cadet"

I have never been so obsessed to find a nail polish color than I was when Orly “Space Cadet” first came out.  No joke, I went to probably 10 to 12 stores trying to find this color when Orly released it last year in early fall.  I would call to see if stores had gotten more shipments, I obsessively checked all the nail polish e-tailors I know and every single place was sold out.  It seemed like I would never have this beauty in my collection.  I hunted for a good month and a half before I finally gave up and told myself very unconvincingly that another company will release something similar (they did go figure! hard candy “beadle”).  I had given up hope completely and upon walking into Ulta one day around christmas I found it! It was on the bottom shelf tucked way in the back of some random hair conditioner section.  I’m pretty positive that some girl had gone and hid it hoping to come back to the store a few days later to buy it and then just forgot about it because it was the most random place for a lone limited edition polish.

If you aren’t familiar with Orly’s Cosmic FX collection, it was a collection that came out last fall that was limited edition and sold out rather quickly.  They were all multi-dimension shimmers that are technically classified as duochromes but really are like 4-chrome!  They all were on the darker or brighter side, there was a slime lime green and a bright blue and then some dark purples and navys.  I have 2 myself but the star of that collection was definitely “Space Cadet”.  This collection was a breath of fresh air in a long line of repeat offenders and “Space Cadet” had every nail polish blogger and beauty insider raving.  Now that you know that it took forever for me to get my hands on this, I charish it, because it is everything I thought it would be.

Space Cadet

try to show the different colors

Pay no attention to the chip on the middle finger, I was trying to show just how many colors this polish emits!  I’ve had this polish on for 2 days now and no photograph will ever do this polish justice.  Basically it shimmers dusty purple, bright purple, dark green, lime green and gold.  It is seriously the most unique thing (besides deborah lippmann polishes) that I own.  It looks different in every single setting, in every different type of light.  I don’t want to keep gushing over the beauty of this polish because this post would be a novel long, but you get the idea.  I love it.

Formula and Application:  Orly is a 3-Free company, so pretty typical of other nail polish companies.  The glass bottle has a rubber cap, which is amazing because it helps you get a better grip on the cap if it were to ever fuse to the bottle.  It also makes application easier because you have much more control over the brush, which is rather long and fans out very nicely to cover a good portion of the nail.  The formula is on the thinner side, which is kind of annoying.  This is 3 coats and I was contemplating putting on a 4th but decided to just make the 3rd really thick and allow for the extra dry time.  The dry time wasn’t too bad, just average, but if you read the back of the bottle it says it only needs 2 coats and dries extremely fast … totally false advertising! 

Over all, if you can’t tell, I love this! And I’m so glad there is a dupe because now I don’t feel like this is made of pure gold and only comes out for special occassions. If you weren’t lucky enough to snag this, check out your WalMart and their Hard Candy section.  Hard Candy’s “Beadle” (spell check?) is an exact dupe and much cheaper now that you can only find this polish on ebay and maybe some random e-tailors.

What do you guys think? Was anyone else lucky enough to grab this color as well??

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