Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Review!!

overcoat shades

Promotional Picture of Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Shades

When I heard that Sally Hansen was coming out with crackle shades I had to roll my eyes a little bit. I have stated before that I am not the biggest fan of this trend, but I still have this naive thought that if a different company releases crackles I might actually like the formula or the effect in comparison to the others I have tried.  So, even though I was standing at the check out thinking I was probably wasting my money, I bought 2 Sally Hansen Crackle shades.

Sally Crackle Display

Sally Hansen Crackle Display in Walgreens

Sorry about the horrible picture quality, I was not expecting to see a new collection and all I had available was my cell phone.  I was randomly browsing my local Walgreens this past weekend when I saw on a random bottom shelf the Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat display.  I read a press release that this collection wasn’t supposed to hit stores until June, but its the middle of May and it was out.  I don’t know if it was a mistake by Walgreens to have it out, which could be why it was on the bottom shelf in some random isle not even close to the other Sally Hansen products, or the press release could have been a mistake.  While doing research for this post I looked on the Sally Hansen website and there is no mention of the crackle series so maybe it was too early to have these out on shelves, but I took full advantage of the fact that there was nail polish in my face.

Sally Crackle

Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Main Colors

Another promotional picture to get a better look at the bottles and the shades.  None of these colors are anything unique, OPI released a red and a white and China Glaze released a white, purple and pink.  All of the shades in this collection have been released before, with the exception of the gold (which is the first color I grabbed off the shelf).  Even though the color range is not anything to brag about, the price tag is.  At $5.95 these are the cheapest crackles on the market and them being from Sally Hansen, they are now the most readily available as Sally Hansen polishes are available at all drugstores, Walmarts, Ulta’s, basically everywhere.  I bought the “Antiqued Gold” and the “Fractured Foil”, the only 2 metallics in the line.  The rest are jelly shades, which is also unique from OPI and China glaze.  OPI’s Black Shatter and all of the China Glaze colors are matte shades, but OPI has since released other shades that aren’t jelly but thin enough to look almost jelly.

Sally Hansen is a 3-Free company, or at least that is what they’re website tells me because when I looked on the crackle bottle theres nothing on it to indicate ingredients.  The dry time is fast, just like the other crackles, and the formula was pretty normal.  It wasn’t thin or watery once I shook the bottle, and was more opaque than the OPI Silver Shatter but wasn’t completely opaque.  I have to say here, I freaking hate this brush with a passion.  It is by far the worst brush I have ever used from any company and I normally do like Sally Hansen brushes.  I love the wide brushes from the Complete Salon Manicure line and the Insta-Dry line and I like the other brushes that are soft and fan out easily over the nail from Xtreme Wear and other collections.  I could go on and on about all the other collections brushes and how I like them, but we’re going to focus on the extreme hate I have for this brush.

It is so thin and hard, it doesn’t fan out it when put to the nail and its like using a nail art brush for your entire nail and trying to get it an even application.  It doesn’t hold much product and makes it impossible to cover the entire nail with only a few strokes.  You end up using more product to get the same effect, so I don’t really know how someone would use a thin coat as the instructions say is possible.  It is like trying to put nail polish on your finger with a stick because the bristles wouldn’t move or expand and it took me dipping this horrible brush into the product 4 or 5 times for every nail!  For every crackle polish, the type of crackle you get depends on how thick or thin you apply the polish but there was almost no way to control the amount of product.  It was so annoying I almost gave up, so I decided to do a little experiment to see how the different crackle application techniques work with Sally Hansen.   My Right Hand Sally Hansen “Antiqued Gold”

Right hand crackle

My Right Hand Sally Hansen "Antiqued Gold"

I layered the Antique Gold over OPI’s “Ink”, thinking that the purpley-blue shimmer paired with the metallic gold would look almost royal and edgy.  After spending 2 paragraphs complaining about the brush, I have to admit I actually do like this! I don’t know why but I love the color combo and the effect it gives.  I keep looking down at my fingers while I type and still am shocked that I actually like a crackle!  On my right hand, I did the traditional nail polish application, the linear long strokes and this is the effect.  In my humble yet loud opinion, this is the best cracking polish from the 3 different companies I’ve tried.  It just seemed to crack more than the OPI and China Glaze.  Maybe more isn’t the right word to use, but the cracks are bigger and are more spread spread out, allowing more of the Ink to show through which is what I was looking for.

Antiqued Gold

My Left Hand of Sally Hansens "Antiqued Gold" over OPI "Ink"

The down side of the traditional application, it took forever with the horrible brush, so I decided to try a different application for the left hand.  Here I did more of a criss-cross pattern and left some areas without the crackle on purpose, to make the crackes more random and bigger spaces in between.  As you can see on the middle finger, there is a lot more of the darker color that shows through.  I also waited a few seconds when the gold crackle was almost dry I manually manipulated the cracks with my other hand.  I moved the polish around a little to make some cracks closer or further apart, as you can see from the ring finger.  This technique makes it look less “lightning bolt-y” and more of a cross between a crack and a sponged-on approach.  I love how my left hand looks!  I love that I can actually see the OPI underneath and the crackle color and that top color doesn’t completely take over the manicure.  I love that it is more of an equal amount of both the crackle and bottom color.

Overall, I like the Sally Hansen crackle effect the most out of the 3 companies I’ve tried so far.  I know other companies make crackle colors but I have only experimented with those easily available to me.  I never liked the effect so I saw no reason to order polishes off the internet to try them out.  It has the best cracking effect in my opinion, it is the cheapest and the easiest to get your hands on.  Although the color range sucks and I absolutely hated the brush, this was the first time I’ve actually liked a crackle manicure.  For that reason, I can’t give this line an F, even though I thought of throwing the bottle away after the first nail because I never wanted to deal with it again.
Grade: C-
I can’t wait to try this out, especially on my toes! For the first time I actually am wondering what certain colors would look like under this, and I’ve never ever been inspired to experiment with a crackle polish.  Although I am cringing at the thought of working with the brush again, maybe I can learn to work with it, and maybe they made the brush to be that way so people can do nail art things with it.  You can get a relatively thin line with this polish so maybe I can do a crackle tip for a colorful french manicure!
What do you guys think? Has anyone seen the Sally Hansen Crackles out yet? Does anyone have one and feel the same way I do about the brush?

7 thoughts on “Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat Review!!

  1. Yes — the brush is AWFUL! I have tried the black, which I love, and the white and purple, which I hate. They don’t crackle well, the purple is so thin it barely covers even light colors (I tried it with a really pale pink and with a light silver), and the matte white looks like white out rather than nail polish, even with a glossy top coat. The black, though, is awesome. I love the effect, especially over metallic polish.

  2. OMG yes!! I purchased the red and blue and the brush is really tough to work with. The China Glaze is ok but has pretty colors. And I think I’ll try the french manicure!

  3. Everything about this sucks, not just the brush. Its thick and nasty, and if you want to get the same results for less than half the cost ($7 at shopko), then just apply a thick layer of elmers glue and sprinkle some glitter in a random pattern over it – I assure you that you will end up with the same pasty mess and spend at least 60% less!!

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  5. First time with crackle nail polish, looks decent for the first time. Although next time I will purchase either China Glaze or OPI for the crackle polish.
    (I used Sally Hansen Antiqued Gold)
    Also, I was VERY surprised at the $6.99 Price of this polish!!!
    I can purchase China Glaze for $7 or $8 at Sally’s, I feel that for the price, this product should not be as thick and clumpy and should create a much more crackled effect.

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