Zoya Earth Day Haul

A few weeks ago I got my Zoya Earth Day order! If you go through my blog then you’ll see that I have already worn 2 of these colors but I finally posted the video and wasn’t planning on doing a blog post.  At the end of the video I said I would put up pictures on my blog and just didn’t edit it out so I figured I should probably do that.  If you aren’t familiar with what the Zoya Earth Day Promotion is, it runs for one week in April right around the time of earth day to promote recycling.  Basically, you go on Zoya’s website and you can pick out a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 15 colors and Zoya will take away the cost of the polish and all you have to pay for is shipping.  The catch? Once you get your polish in the mail, you have to send Zoya back the same amount of polishes you got for polishes that you don’t want anymore.  Hence, the recycling part.  Give away your old polish you don’t like and get new polish for free!


I’m going to tell you guys a little secret that Zoya probably doesn’t want me sharing.  I never sent back my old polishes.  I received my polish and selected the unlucky shades that I would be sending back and upon examining all contents of the box I found no instructions on how to ship my old polishes.  Like so many other females I’ve ordered online before and it seemed like the cost of shipping was extremely high, and I assumed that it was because it would cover shipping to my house and then the shipping back to the company.  I ordered 8 polishes and it cost me almost $40 in shipping!  That seemed insane, but I paid for it assuming it was for both shipping routes.


I called Art of Beauty, Zoya’s distribution company, and asked how I could send the polish back.  They told me that I had to go to a UPS or FedEx and pay to send it back.  The guy on the phone was amazing and answered all my questions and explained that the reason for the high shipping price is because it is for the shipping, labor, material costs, and also the disposal costs of the old polish.  And it is also such a high shipping price because they don’t actually expect you to send back any polish! He said that Zoya doesn’t expect you to actually send anything back, just encourages the recycling of nail polish, and that is another reason for the inflated shipping price.  So in actuality, the price of the polish is put into the shipping price so Zoya doesn’t lose too much money.


I’m ok with that, I basically got nail polish for around 30% off.  But here are the pictures of the polishes I received.  I ordered 8, but one is on back order.  Its been about 2 and a half weeks since I received the first package and almost a month since I placed my order, and I still haven’t heard anything about my last bottle.  So here are pictures of the 7! Make sure to watch my YouTube review and look through my blog to see Nail of the Day posts about some of the colors.





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