OPI and Alcohol?? OPI releases a collection with Remy Cointreau

Upon browsing around tumblr today, I noticed a rather interesting post tagged under nail polish.  OPI seems to be partnering up with almost everyone this year! First it was Katy Perry and Serena Williams, then it was Pirates of the Caribbean, and now alcohol??  I’m not quite sure if alcohol coincides with the OPI nail polish brand and my inner public relations and advertising bachelors degree is talking back about all the negative image outcomes or public backlash a pairing like this could lead to.  But I have to say also as a current bartender and nail polish maniac, this is actually kind of cool.  My brain is conflicted over mixing alcohol with nail polish but it doesn’t change the fact that now OPI is releasing colors that are going to become some of the hardest colors to find!  Although I do like this top shelf triple sec and all the fun drinks I create with it, I don’t know if this is a match made in heaven.

Cointreau and OPI combined collection

I hunted around online for a press release about this collection and this is what I found from TheMoodieReport.com“INTERNATIONAL. Rémy Cointreau Global Travel Retail has teamed up with professional nail care specialist OPI Products in a special promotion for global travel retail.  For every 1-litre bottle of Cointreau purchased in one of 15 key travel retail locations, the customer will receive an OPI nail lacquer in a Cointreau-inspired shade as an exclusive gwp. The OPI Cointreau shades include ‘Have You No Self-Cointreau?’, a bright pink; ‘Cointreau-versial Chocolate’, a rich brown; ‘Sweet Sips at My Fingertips’, a pale pink; and ‘Orange You a Seductress’, a vivid tangerine.  The partnership was unveiled first in April at Auckland International Airport. Over the coming months the OPI Cointreau nail lacquers will also be found at Paris Charles de Gaulle, Munich, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York JFK, Newark, Orlando, Dallas, Houston, and San Juan airports. They will also be on board Condor Ferries between England and France and in selected border stores in Ontario and Quebec at the US border. Frankfurt and Moscow airports will participate in the Rémy Cointreau OPI Cocktail Collection promotion later in the year.”

So OPI is releasing colors that can only be obtained by first being in 1 of the 15 airports around the world, then being of legal age to buy a bottle of Cointreau (or someone buying the bottle and giving you the polish), and then get only 1 of the 4 polishes!  These will be the hardest to find polishes on ebay!  Despite the fact that the colors are a tad boring and are definite repeats of colors you can find the regular OPI line, the rarity of having a polish with one of the Cointreau-linked names is going to be a collectors dream.  I’m predicting that this promotion will either fall flat and you’ll never hear more about this than this blog post or its going to be a collectors nightmare of bidding for these on ebay.  Personally, I’m not dying over these colors and would be more interested in owning a bottle of Cointreau than one of these polishes but some people may flip over the rarity of these shades.

What do you guys think? Do you think it will be a huge collaboration flop or sought after polishes?  Does anyone else seem to have a little bit of an issue that you have to first buy alcohol to then get free nail polish?

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