Nail of the Day! Butter London “No More Waity, Katie”

No More Waity, Katie
Butter London’s “No More Waity, Katie”

I have to start off this post by saying its been about a week since I’ve blogged and I need to apologize.  I’m sorry its been so long! But I have a few blog posts brewing and I figured I’d start off with whats on my nails! I have the best boyfriend in the entire world and while he was over my house browsing for stuff on Amazon, he saw my wish list on there and he bought me Butter London’s “No More Waity, Katie”!  At first, I wasn’t that interested in this color, but then I started experimenting with Butter London polishes and am absolutely in love with the formula, and I knew I had to have this limited edition polish in my collection.  Honestly, even after I got the bottle I still wasn’t super excited about the actual color, I was more excited that I had this polish in my collection for display purposes.  I definitely changed my mind after I put this beauty on.

Formula and Application:  Butter London is a 3-Free company.  The rectangular bottle is rather skinny, which you can’t see from the picture, and the black rectangular cap is actually a fake cap and slides off to reveal a small, ridged, plastic cap with the butter london bird logo on top.  The cap and the actual wand are both very short but the brush is a little longer and rather skinny.  The formula, like other butter london’s was on the thicker side but that didn’t slow down drying time.  But, unlike the other Butter London polishes I have, this required 3 coats to be completely opaque.  Even at 3 coats, it wasn’t hard to work with and the drying time still seemed fast.
This greyish purple jelly is so densely packed with lavendar glitter that the two colors, the muted and vibrant, merge to create a really pretty mid-toned purple.  I’m in love and I didn’t even get into the whole royal wedding thing.  Although I’m late jumping on the whole royal wedding band wagon, this is my way to saluting the bridge and groom on the other side of the pond.
What do you guys think? Does anyone own No More Waity, Katie?  

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