New Hair!

I am one of those girls who likes variety.  I keep it very simple when it comes to my wardrobe, but in terms of my hair and my nails I have a tendency to go crazy.  I normally will change-up my hair color pretty drastically every 3 months but this time takes the cake for me.  I have to blog about this experience because it was one of the roughest I’ve ever had in a salon.  Not that the people weren’t amazing and kind, or that I hated what they did, but it was 8 hours in the salon to take my hair from a dark red to a light brown/dark blonde ombre style.  If you aren’t aware of what ombre hair is, it is a gradual gradient from darker to lighter from the roots to the ends.  So you start with a light brown and it gradually fades to a blonde, kind of like a sun-kissed grown out highlights look.  Yes, I am that insane and was prepared for some damage to my hair.  What I wasn’t prepared for was 8 hours in a salon.

screen shot of what my hair looked like before I went into the salon

That is a screen shot from a video that I made while my hair was the previous color.  I wish I had taken a before picture but in looking through my computer I didn’t have a single one that actually showed that my hair was a dark red.  But you can see how dark and red my hair was and I’ve been dying my hair that color for at least a year.  I have wanted to go back to my natural color, which is a light brownish cool toned, for quite some time now.  I’ve been dying my hair warm tones since I was 15 and going back to a natural cool tone is pretty scary but I was so ready.

I called my salon and booked an appointment and flat-out told them I have long hair and its a dark red and I want to take it light and they were like “Sure, no problem, we’ll just book you for extra time.” So I’m all ready for about 3 weeks to get my hair done and have my alarm set to wake up early and go in, and I get a call an hour before my appointment and they tell me that the girl who was supposed to take me called off sick.  Since I was her only client all day (since it was going to take that long), they gave me the option to either re-book or still come in and they’ll just fit me in with someone else.  I was so pumped for my huge change that I didn’t hesitate to keep my appointment but change girls.

So I get there, and have my consultation, and the girl immediately told me I have to strip all the color out of my hair before we can start the actual color process.  I’ve never had my color stripped before and was totally not prepared for what happened to my hair. stripping.  Again, I’m sorry for some of the horrible blackberry camera pictures but I wasn’t prepared to be documenting this change.  This is what my hair looked like after the chemical process to take out all the red out of my hair.  I sent this picture to my boyfriend and played it off like I actually dyed my hair this color and he freaked out.  But the chemicals turned my hair this bright orange color and all the hair stylists in the salon kept praising me for being so understanding and carefree because they said most clients would be freaking out if they saw this color.  I knew that I had a lot of red in my hair so I was semi-prepared, but what I wasn’t prepared for was the fact that they said they had to do it again!  There was just too much orange tones in my hair so they had to start the color stripping process all over again.


orange hair

after the first stripping

After the second time they stripped the color, I was already 4 and a half hours into my hair appointment and the girl who started my hair had to leave, so they handed me off to another girl.  This picture shows the first girl and the second girl attacking the back of my head to start my color, the first girl had to show the second girl how I wanted my color.  So the second girl took over my color … into hour 5.  After 5 and a half hours, my color was processing and the second girl had to leave.  So I was passed off to a 3rd girl.  She was in charge of washing the color out and then cutting my hair and drying it.  Well, after washing the color out they realized they needed a toner … and not just one round of toner but two rounds of toner.  At this point I’ve had two chemical color strips, one all over color process, and two all over toners.  I’m into hour 7 of my hair and they finally sit me down in the chair for the cut.  A fourth girl comes over and tells me that no one has the time to cut my hair because they weren’t prepared for all the stuff that they had to do to me.  Everyone was extremely apologetic because I had been there 7 hours for an appointment that should have taken 3 or 4 at the most and I had been handed off to 4 different girls!

after the second stipping

No one had time to cut my hair because of the 5 processes I already had done so as a consolation they gave me a free shellac manicure! So now I can review it again! And here is a little sneak preview … its way better than the first shellac I had!  They said I would also have to come in the next day to get the cut, also complimentary, so they began to blow dry my hair.  Thats when they realized that there was still orange in my hair! The second girl didn’t completely cover my hair with hair dye and I had big spots of orange showing through! At this point, I was getting a little irritated because I’m 8 hours into my appointment and the color looks half-beautiful.  The effect that I wanted was there, but there were patches of bright orange shinning through this cool toned beachy hair.  I didn’t want to completely complain but I did show the stylist all the areas that weren’t covered in color and she completely agreed with me.  I had patches of orange, brown and blonde throughout my hair so they said when I came in for my cut I would get another round of color done, also complimentary.
So I go back the next day for another round of color and my cut.  This time, I was a lot happier!  They ended up lighting my hair even more than the day before and it turned out to be this beautiful strawberry blonde color.  The color came accidentally because they first put on a regular hair dye color to cover the orange patches and then put on a toner to make the color look more natural.  So from my hair being orange and then brown and then a golden blonde the resulting color was a strawberry blonde, or what I thought was a strawberry blonde!  The cut was nothing spectacular since I’ve had extreme layers in my hair for about 5 years now.  I was finally feeling more confident about my hair and all the hours I’ve spent in a salon because I really liked the light but natural looking color.  At this point, I’ve had a cut, one round of color, a shellac manicure, and 2 rounds of blow drying for free and I’ve paid for a full head of color, a color strip and 3 rounds of toner!  But I’ve also been sitting in a salon charge for 9 and a half hours over the last 2 days.
If you think this is a happy ending to the story, you’re wrong.  I left the salon late at night, in the dark, and when I woke up the next morning and looked in the mirror in all the sunlit glory, my hair was bright orange!  It looked as if all the color we had put in over the last 2 days had fallen out of my hair and the resulting color looked more like the stripped hair color than any pretty color that was there the night before!  I immediately called the salon and they had me come in the next day and the stylist also flipped out because my hair was bright orange.  Horrible, horrible, horrible experience.  They put on the more heavy duty color they could that was still close to what I wanted and then put a toner on to get it ashier.  So lets recap …
1. 2 rounds of chemical color strips
2. 1 round of all over color and highlights taking my hair to a light brown/dirty blonde
3. 2 rounds of toner to try to cover the orange that my hair turned due to the color stripping process
the next day
4. 1 round of all over color
5. 1 round of toner
6. cut
2 days later
7.  all over color and highlights
8. toner
9.  major major deep conditioning treatment
After the 3rd day, and 12 hour in a salon, I was done and I’m not going back for a long ass time!  My hair is now a strawberry blonde but almost a dirty blonde too.  I took some pictures so you can see the end result. 

final product!

I’m still not completely happy but its better than it was, even before all this craziness of a hair coloring process.  Its almost Jennifer Aniston-esque and its slowly growing on me.  I’m now working on my tan to pull off the beachy babe kind of look and I’ve definitely been wearing more pink lipsticks (because nothing goes better with blondes than baby pink lipsticks lol).  What do you guys think?  Has anyone ever gone through a situation like mine? Anyone been through worse?

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