Nail of the Day! Essie’s “Borrowed and Blue” with some Frosting

Essies “Borrowed and Blue” and Icings “Frost Yourself”

I’m completely backed up on blog posts! Sorry guys I haven’t been doing a good job at updating my daily manicures or whats new in the nail polish world or the videos I’ve been posting.  I got a full time, big girl, real job with benefits and all that fun stuff that comes from working in a cubicle 40 hours a week.  But in honor of my new job, which is working for a specific company that deals with diamonds, I had to bling out my nails!

Essies “Borrowed and Blue” is probably my favorite blue at the moment, and thats saying something because I love blue polish.  I love the opacity and the creme finish and just how its the perfect powdery baby blue.  But then I layered Icings “Frost Yourself” on my ring and thumb fingers and I died over the combo! I say yes to bling and even though I don’t have that big rock yet I’m gonna sport some sort of sparkle.
Formula and Application: Both companies are free companies.  I feel like I type that about every single company so I’m just not going to comment on the crazy chemicals in my polish.  Every company is at least 3-Free these days, so lets move on.  Essies formula was definitely opaque and creamy and amazing.  It was opaque in 2 coats but my only complaint is the blotchiness (if that’s even a word).  It doesn’t apply evenly so normally I have to do thick coats, which slows down the drying time.  Frost Yourself is the same, it is completely opaque for a holographic chunky glitter.  This is 2 coats and it completely covers my nail and I’m in love.  This has to be one of my favorite glitters, if not my favorite, in my whole collection!
What do you guys think of this combo? Suitable to be playing around with diamonds?

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