Nail of the Day! Essie “Lapis of Luxury” with Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure”

Essie “Lapis of Luxury” with a top coat of “Hidden Treasure”

I’ve been in this weird mood to always be doing something different with my manicures.  For some odd reason a manicure with just one color is boring me and I find myself doing accent nails a lot more often and using top coats I haven’t used in months.  As I said in my last nail of the day post, Sally Hansens “Hidden Treasure” has cracked my list of top 10 favorite polishes of all time.  So when I painted my nails Essies “Lapis of Luxury”, a beautiful periwinkle blue cream shade, I felt like it needed a little extra pop and I experimented with my ultimate favorite top coat.

The end result, an 80’s explosion on my nails! Thats all I could think of when I saw the blue with pink and green and orange and peach and every other color under the sun.  I kept thinking, this is positively beautiful and turned the blue into a duochrome of scaley porportions.  Normally I had always cherished my Hidden Treasure and saved it for only my dark manicures, but this has officially changed my mind and I am planning on experimenting with so many different colors now!

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