Nail of the Day! Deborah Lippmann “Naked” and OPI “Gift of Gold”

Deborah Lippmann’s “Naked” and OPI’s “Gift of Gold

I need to get back on this blog.  I need to start blogging regularly again and this is a step in the right direction.  Nail of the Day posts are fun and easy so I’m going to keep posting them.  I’m falling in a rut though and I need to get out of my nail funk and experiment more with fun color combinations.  I started off on this new foot with a bright glitter and my favorite nude! Deborah Lippmann’s “Naked” is my favorite nude and I contemplated a long time over buying this polish.  The $18.00 price tag kept my hands off this bottle for a while but I caved back in the spring and have no regrets.  Its opaque in 2 coats and extremely long lasting.  This was the first nude that I was able to find that gave me the maniquin hands look that I had been longing for!  But of course, a simple nude won’t do for me right now, so I had to grab for a loud and dense glitter.  OPI’s “Gift of Gold” was at the top of my list to pair with this simple nude cream because it matches but pops at the same time.  All day long people kept asking my why I only had 2 of my nails painted and I kept giggling and making them look closer.  That is the point of Naked and I loved that people were drawn to the weird and unexpected combination.  What do you guys think?? Would you ever pair a nude with a loud glitter?

One thought on “Nail of the Day! Deborah Lippmann “Naked” and OPI “Gift of Gold”

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