Nail of the Day! Essies “Haute as Hello” and Sephora by OPI “Traffic Stopper Copper”

 Seeing as how its finally summer I’m busting out all my favorite summer nail polishes.  Last week I made a video about my favorite polishes to wear in the summer and that post will be up right after this one.  But these two colors have a solid spot on my list of favorites to wear in the summer.  Essies “Haute as Hello” is a bright coral that I never would be drawn to.  I’m not a fan of colors that I deem ‘girly’ color and corals always seemed to fit into that category.  But I kept sseeing people sporting hot corals this spring and I couldn’t help but fall pray to the trend and following suit with all the coral clad hands.  In my style I had to add add some glitter to my manicure and I accented my thumb (the blingberry thumb) and ring finger (bling finger).  Sephora by OPI “Traffic Stopper Copper” is my favorite of all the SBO  glitter nail polishes.  They make 3 different glitters that are exactly the same style but in different metals, silver, copper and gold, but the copper is the newest and in my opinion the prettiest.  Together the coral and the copper work so well together and the last time I had this manicure on I got so many compliments that I felt like it deserved another round on my fingers.  What do you guys think??

One thought on “Nail of the Day! Essies “Haute as Hello” and Sephora by OPI “Traffic Stopper Copper”

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