BedHead Ribbon Curling Iron Review and Tutorial


Please watch the video because I got into depth a little bit more there.  I forgot to take pictures of the process because it was 7 in the morning and no ones brain works at 7 am.  So in this video I show the versatility of the product as well as what it looks like, but I will break down the pros and cons in written form as well …


– Price! at $19.99 it’s one of the more cheaper products you can find at Ulta

– Versatility! you can achieve 3 different types of curl with this product

– The time it takes to heat up is about 1 min total

– The half clamp, that seems like it could be a problem, actually helps a lot! You get a wand look with extra control and it is much easier to use than a clamp



– The fact that when it is done heating up, the light blinks, which I assumed for the first and second use that it meant it was still heating up.

– The automatic off switch.  This could be a pro for some people but I have a lot of hair so it turns itself off after 30 minutes of use, which is only enough time to finish 80% of my hair


I really do love this thing and the look it gives me! I’ve been doing my hair as a big wavy fun mess almost every day since I started experimenting with this about 3 weeks ago.  I don’t know if it is my hair texture, the iron or the hair spray i used but the curls last on me for a very long time!  They don’t drop much or relax and I’m able to have the same style for 3 or 4 days easy (I only wash my hair twice a week).


Overall Grade: A-


I do love it, and I can learn to few the automatic shut off as a positive and it only took a few uses to get used to the blinking light.

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