Nail of the Day! Chanel “Peridot”

Chanel “Peridot”

Chanel polishes have never intrigued me.  I’ve always thought they were way too over priced and nothing original.  I could never justify spending $25 on a polish when you can find the exact same color at the drug store.  From being a faithful reader of other nail polish blogs I have learned that the formula isn’t always the best and chips easily.  Drugstore brands have made an art of duplicating Chanel nail polishes for a fraction of the cost, so I was always under the mindset that people only bought the polish for the brand.  After saying all that, when Chanel’s “Peridot” came out a few weeks ago, I ate my words.  I had to have it! I walked by Chanel counters every time I was at the mall to have a mini panic attack and a major war within myself on whether or not to spend the money.  I caved a few days ago and put it on immediately!


I have to say, I’m not as in love as I thought I would be.  The duochrome is a lot stronger in the bottle than it is on my nails but the color is still beautiful.  The name is so appropriate and the fact that peridot is my birthstone and I always have loved the unique-ness of the gem, I like that I have its match in nail polish form.  I wish the blue that is apparant in the bottle comes across stronger on the nails but I do love the light green metallic that flash to gold and copper.  Its a subtle duochrome and I was hoping for something more vibrant but I have to say I am impressed. 


The application … amazing! This is 2 coats and the feeling on the nails just feels silkier than regular nail polish.  Perhaps you do get what you pay for but when I touched my nail to see if it was dry before I put on a second coat my nails just felt silker and less sticky than other polishes.  I applied 2 thin coats and it isn’t streaky like a lot of metallics and it dried really fast.  This is also day two of wearing it and I haven’t found a single chip, which is more than I can say for a lot of brands. 


All day long people were asking me about my nail polish color and I felt just as snoody as I thought I would saying “Oh, thanks, its Chanel.”  There is a sophistication that comes with saying you’re wearing Chanel and I finally understood why people pay the price for this polish.   Half of it is the color and the other half the feeling you get when you can say you have on Chanel.  I have Chanel perfume but for some reason having Chanel polish makes me feel slightly richer than smelling like the brand.  This may sound dumb, but its the same feeling I have when I’ve been carrying around a knock-off purse and then finally get the real thing.  Its a pride thing that you own something so expensive.  I doubt I’ll be spending $25 on another bottle of polish any time soon but for any nail polish lover I think its important to own one bottle, so you can have the feeling of owning Chanel.

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