Nail of the Day! OPI “Extravagance” with Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure”

OPI “Extravagance” and Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure”

I am officially in the process of moving, me and my boyfriend are finally taking the plunge and moving in together.  I am personally really excited to finally be able to get out of my parents house and start a new chapter of my adult life, but I am not excited about the actual process of moving.  I have been very slowly going through my things and organizing, which also includes going through all my nail polish.  I have been living with my parents for about a year and a half now and my things have accumulated and also dispersed.  I have nail polish at my moms house, my dads house, my kitchen, bathroom, car, purse, you name it, its everywhere.  I found OPI Designer Series “Extravagance” the other day and remembered that I had only worn this gem once.  I bought it last year around Christmas and remembered loving every second I wore it.  I thought back about how I loved the way the holographic magenta looked against the snow and I thought it would look just as good in the summer sun.  This polish applies like a dream, very pigmented with a fast dry time, showing that you get what you pay for when you’re considering picking up this $12 beauty. 

I wore this polish on its own for about a day and a half but I started to get bored with it.  I may have been that I’m more drawn to deep magentas in the winter months or that I was stuck inside and wasn’t seeing the amazing holographic tendencies of this polish but I wanted to amp it up a little.  I added Sally Hansen “Hidden Treasure” to make the polish pop even more.  The deep magenta holographic polish turned into fire on my nails, flashing orange, yellow and light green.  Every light that caught the service on my nail made them shine multidimensional colors and I kept thinking about how I think this may be my favorite way to layer Hidden Treasure.

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