Zoya “Smoke” and “Mirrors” Fall Collections Preview

Just like my recent post about the new China Glaze collection, Zoya released promotional pictures for their upcoming fall collection.  Zoya is notorious for releasing two small collections at the same time that go together in harmony.  This fall, the two collections that compliment eachother are “Smoke” and “Mirrors”.  When I first saw the pictures for these collections I wasn’t blown away, until I saw the two collections back to back.  Like a lot of the Zoya releases, they have a series of creme shades that fit with a second set of shimmer or glitter shades. 

Zoya "Smoke" Collection


The “Smoke” are the cremes, while the “Mirrors” are the shimmers.  6 creme shades make up the “Smoke” collection and I have to say I already have my eye on one of them.  Although the dark teal shade Cynthia isn’t something new, its something I don’t own and I have my greedy little eye on it.  Also the shade Dree seems to be popping up in every collection, leading me to make the obvious conclusion that this falls “IT” nail polish color will be olive green creme.  All the big polishers have an olive creme in their collections, Zoya, China Glaze, OPI and although I haven’t seen promotional pictures yet, I’m sure essie will as well.


Zoya "Mirrors" Collection


I’m not a fan of shimmer nail polishes, I’m going to put that out there right now.  I think they are always the most boring and with any shimmer I have in my collection I always end up pairing it with a glitter or some sort of layer polish to party it up.  But I’m drooling over one of these colors! I saw a swatch of Yara, the olive green with gold shimmer and about died.  I’ve had my eye on a Cult Nails color for a while that is an olive green with gold glitter and this color seems like a very good and easy to find dupe.  But the jewel-toned Jem also looks gorgeous in the promotional pictures.


Yara is my “Must Have” color this fall, and probably will be a lot of peoples as well.  I will be stalking my local salon to get my hands on it and I already am obsessing over it.  Hopefully the collections will be released soon so I can get my mind off that color.  Look forward to reading about the formula and application because I will find that color and add it to my stash

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