A Big Apology …

I owe this project of mine a huge apology.  I was so committed to posting every single day and for the last month and a half I’ve been seriously slacking.  I’ve said this before but I need to be more consistant.  One of my biggest pet peeves, being someone who is insanely attached to beauty and nail blogs, is when one of my favorite bloggers goes more than a few days without posting something new.  So why haven’t I blogged?? I could blame it on my life outside of my computer, of circumstances that I can’t control, and anything else that may come to mind … but the fact is that I’ve had time and I’ve been updating my other social media sites so I should have the same committment to this one.  This is my vow, that this blog will no longer be left un-updated (is that a word?) and there will be new posts.  There will be nail of the day posts, makeup reviews, videos from my youtube channel and links and whatever else I decide to post.  But the key point is that I will post.  So again, I apologize to anyone who visits my site and to myself for ignoring this part of my internet world.  Hopefully a few people will still like to read what I have to say

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