Butter London “Teddy Girl” and China Glaze “Lightning Bolt” Crackle

 I know I have stated many times that I’m not into the crackle nail polishes.  I really want that trend to end but I keep looking at the crackles in my collection in an effort to see how I can make them work.  Maybe its my tendency to be really stubborn but I keep thinking that if I pair my crackles with different colors I will like them more.  This combination I actually like! A few weeks ago I painted my nails yellow and completely smudged a few of my fingers right before I was about to go to the movies.  I needed something to cover up the nicks that was extremely fast drying and I went straight to my China Glaze “Lightning Bolt” crackle.  I was suprised that I actually liked the lighter creme shade with the white crackle, mostly because it was subtle enough that you couldn’t tell that it was a crackle unless you looked extremely closely.  I left it on for a few days and loved it, but then naturally forgot that I loved it until a similar thing happened with my all time favorite pink, Butter London “Teddy Girl.”

I had to do something to cover up the horrible bubbles in my manicure after I shook the polish right before application (total rookie move).  This combination is one of the few times I’ve left a crackle polish on for more than a day, this picture is actually from day 4 without any chips!  I really like the subtle and almost soft look of these two colors together.  You can’t really tell without looking closely that this is a cracking nail polish and from far away it just makes the pink look even more paler.  I’ve never had so many compliments about a crackle manicure than I did when I was wearing this.  This just reaffirms my feelings that I can eventually find a color combination that will work with crackle polish.

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