Zoya “Gems” and “Jewels” Holiday 2011 Collection


One of my favorite nail polish brands just a few days ago released promotional materials to fellow bloggers about the newest upcoming collection for the holidays.  Zoya’s new 6 piece collection features 3 metallics and 3 glitters that can be mixed and matched and layered or worn on their own.  The colors are …


 Holly: a shimmery emerald that seems to have some serious brightness

Rina: a clear base polish with bright green micro-glitter and long, straight pieces of blue and green glitter

Izzy: a hot raspberry pink shimmer that needs capitalization of the word HOT

Kissy: a clear base polish with pink micro-glitter and long, straight pieces of pink and holographic glitter

Noel: a medium toned blue shimmer

Twila: a clear base polish with blue micro-glitter and long, straight pieces of blue, teal and maybe a little dark blue glitter

 From the promotional picture, Noel looks a lot different in person (as I’ve seen on swatches online) than in the picture.  The picture makes the polish look more murky and dirty and in actuality the polish is very vibrant.  My opinion:  I’m a little disappointed.  I really really hate the long, straight pieces of glitter.  I don’t know why but that is one of my biggest pet peeves, besides heart and star shaped glitter.  I like the round pieces of glitter and refused to buy the long and straight styles because in my eyes, they look tacky and weird.  The only color I’m looking at is Holly, and the only reason is because thats my name.  The color is nothing unique and I am kind of let down that my name wasn’t used for some amazing glitter or duochrome or something that is completely unusual. 


This new holiday collection with 6 brand new shades and will be available on September 15.  A holiday collection coming out so soon?  This act requires a strongly worded letter …


Dear Zoya,


I don’t know whether to be excited that there are holiday colors are the market this early or annoyed.  My inner glitter-holic loves to see the twinkle that comes with the holiday collections and the excitement of being able to acquire the newest coolest thing this early definitely will give you some points, but September 15 is technically still summer.  Fall hasn’t even officially begun and you are releasing holiday?  It’s too soon, and most people in society think that holidays are promoted too soon as it is.  Seeing Halloween stuff on display in July is annoying to 90% of the public and most of the people I talk to who have seen Christmas displays are complaining that the temperature in the north hasn’t even dropped yet.  Take it back a notch, and next year release the holiday collection after Halloween like society standards should dictate.  I want to rock my glow in the dark polish before I think about red and green glitter.  Thank you, and I still love you.



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