Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

Can’t wear white after labor day? Yeah, I don’t believe in those social rules of fashion.  At the risk of sounding very cliche, rules were made to be broken.  In a salute to labor day I decided to rock a white manicure.  I’ve been aboslutely loving white nails for the last month for summer.  White nails just seem so crisp and clean and bright at the same time.  Last month I bought a bottle of Sally Hansen InstaDri in the color “Whirlwind White” and no joke, it is now half gone.  That is how much I love white nail polish.  And since I rarely can have a manicure without some sort of glittler, I had to add Icing “Frost Yourself” on my ring finger.  I’ve always loved the look of white nails but I feel like I can only rock them with confidence when my nails are long and nicely shaped.  The nails on my right hand at the moment are shorter than the nails on my left, a result from a not happy accident moving when I chipped two nails.  So although I love white nails, I couldn’t pull this manicure off for more than 2 days.  But this was my white after labor day statement.  And I want to know who made up that rule because it doesn’t make much sense in my eyes.

One thought on “Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

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