Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara Review

I am a mascara junkie.  Enough said.  I go through a tube of mascara about once a month because I apply a ton of coats in the morning and generally touch up once during the day.  I spend the most time in the morning making sure my lashes are absolutely perfect and I will be late to things if my lashes aren’t perfect.  They need to be perfectly fanned out with no clumps but with insane volume and length.  Half the time I apply multiple types of mascara, one for volume and one for length, and like to switch up brands every time I need a new tube.  Basically I strive for the perfect lashes every single day, no matter how I do my eye makeup.  And I am always on the hunt for the mascara to give me perfect lashes without clumping and using 10 coats.  I don’t ask for much right? Just perfection made easy?  How hard is that? In my hunt for perfect eyelashes, I heard through the rumor mill about the amazing new mascara on the market from Japan that can now be found at Sephora.

So I made the trip to Sephora, trying to justify my 20 minute saying that I needed all these different products and that is why I was going, rather than to buy a single mascara.  I got to Sephora and went right to the mascara bar and when I saw the price I about fainted! Why does rumored perfection have to cost so freaking much??  At $24 dollars, it matches the most I’ve ever spent on a mascara (cough cough Dior Show cough cough).  I didn’t want to spend that much again when I knew that there were perfectly good mascaras at Walgreens for a third of the price.  But after a few months, my curiousity got the better of me and I finally bit the bullet and bought it.


First off, I loved the packaging when I first saw this mascara, what girl wouldn’t love it? It’s pink, gold, metallic and has a vegas style theme complete with a comic book style picture guide to how amazing your lashes will be.  I was sucked in and it wasn’t until I got home did I realize how wasteful this packaging is.


Two thirds of the box was empty! The mascara fits in one third and the rest is just for looks.  This seemed so wasteful to me and turned me off immediately.  Not that I’m way into saving the earth or recycling, but for some reason this just screamed at me that the Fairy Drops company only needed to use a third of the cardboard they did and the rest is purely for display purposes.  Total waste of packaging.  But the effect of the mascara speaks for itself …

Please don’t judge me on my red red eye.  This was taken first thing in the morning, at 6 am, premakeup and this was when I had the bright idea to do this post.  So I kind of did a before eye shot, with no makeup and how my eyes actually look after 5 hours of sleep and then an after eye shot with the mascara and some concealor and powder on.


Second picture not as scary as the first.  Obviously, I just put mascara on my top lashes and not my bottom.  I have a special mascara for the bottom and I really was in the process of getting ready for a normal day.  I figured you would get the idea of how this mascara works with just the top lashes done.  This is 2 coats only, and I think I went and did another one after I added some liner.  This mascara seems to give my lashes some volume, but not a lot, but it seems to give my lashes amazing length!  I have sort of long lashes to begin with but the fibers in this mascara make my lashes insanely long.  This mascara also seems to curl my lashes as well.  I don’t curl my lashes normally, and here I did not curl them, but if you look at the before and after picture there seems to be a lot of curl to my lashes.  That is all due to the mascara! So the length is partially from the mascara and partially from the curl, also attributed to the mascara.


Overall, I like it! Almost love it! It gives my lashes a ton of length and curl but just average volume.  I really like the effect it gives and this is now my every day mascara.  A few downfalls I’ve experienced are the fact that isn’t very volumizing, it’s expensive and also the removal, since it is a waterproof mascara.  It wasn’t as hard as some to get off my lashes at the end of the night, but it wasn’t easy either.  It comes off in tubes when you finally manage to get it off and my boyfriend jokingly made fun of me a few nights ago because I didn’t get all the little black tubes off my face after I washed my face for bed.  If Fairy Drops changes it’s packaging and makes it more volumizing, this could possibly a holy grail mascara and I would learn to deal with the price.  I guess perfection does come at a price.


Grade: B+


8 thoughts on “Fairy Drops Scandal Queen Mascara Review

  1. omg I’m exactly like you when it comes to applying mascara, I’ll do a ton of coats…I don’t care about anything else my lashes have to be perfect! I’ve haven’t been buying expensive mascaras lately but I’m curious to know…what’s your favorite mascara? Since we seem to have the same technique =)

    • i don’t really have a favorite actually because i play around and switch it up so much. i rarely buy a mascara twice, but lately i’ve been loving the loreal voluminous million lashes … it wasn’t great when i first bought it but once it dried out a little it was amazing! the smell is a little strong if you’re sensative to that stuff but its really good. other than that i really liked the rimmel glam eyes but that has one of those comb applicators so it gave a great effect but doubled the time i’d spend on my lashes. what are your favorites?

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