Zoya “Cynthia”

I fell in love with the Zoya “Smoke” and “Mirrors” collection this fall and seriously wanted about half of the colors.  I refrained myself, because the holiday collections from China Glaze and OPI are going to break my budget, but I did grab one color from “Smoke” and one from “Mirrors”.  Zoya “Cynthia” is a dark dark teal creme shade that is one of those colors that looks black in every single light except for direct sunlight.  It is impossible to get the teal to come out but I think I managed to capture just enough for you to get the idea that this color is so pretty!  I was so drawn to this color because I thought a dark teal was something that is actually unique.  And the fact that it is a creme finish, which is my favorite finish behind glitter, just made it a no brainer that I would get this color.  It doesn’t seem as if that would be a unique color but I have looked through so many collections and past holiday releases and can’t find a color that is similar to this.  If anyone knows of a color, please let me know in the comments!!  But I love those colors that are so dark they look black but then when you look closely they are something else.  I have a few colors like that, most famously OPI’s Lincoln Park After Dark, and they are definitely signature fall and winter staples.  And to top it off, not only do I love the color but I love the name too! Because whenever I hear the name Cynthia it takes me back to this …


I miss cartoons from my childhood!! Can’t even match the crap cartoons on TV today.

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