Butter London “Knees Up”

I was going through my collection last night and I realized there were a lot of colors that I have yet to wear.  I have a tendency to buy nail polish in groups, I will go to a store 3 or 4 times and not pick up any polish and then I’ll go another time and pick up 6.  I’ll love all the colors at the time that I buy them, bring them home, wear a few and then forget about the rest.  So I counted about 5 colors in my collection that I haven’t worn yet and this was one of them.  Butter London “Knees Up” is a classic red polish thats not a creme and not a shimmer.  Its a finish in between and I need to do some polish research to find the correct terminology for this finish.

This is a part of Butter London’s fall and winter collection this year, so it was released about a month ago.  I wasn’t drawn to this color initially but when I was talking to the sales girl at Ulta she was wearing it and made a comment about how much she loved the color and the consistency.  After saying how I was on the fence, she had to make a comment that it reminded her of christmas wrapping paper, and after that I was hooked.  It looks exactly like wrapping paper to me and I knew I needed it for the holidays.  I put it on while watching a show with my boyfriend and he was super excited I was going for a sexy classic red.  After I was done with my manicure, I asked him what he thought of it on me and he spent about 2 minutes thinking about it.  After a ridiculously long inner debate he told me he didn’t think this color was me, which I agree with.  I don’t think I’m a classic nail polish type of girl, I don’t think traditional red and hot pinks look good on me and they definitely don’t match my personality.  I think it takes a certain type of woman to pull off a pinup red and she needs the confidence and attitude to make it look hot.  I do love this color and I will wear it again during the holidays, but right now it doesn’t feel appropriate for the season and I don’t feel confident enough to pull of that sass required for cherry nails.

6 thoughts on “Butter London “Knees Up”

  1. I think this looks fantastic on you! I also don’t normally wear a lot of bright reds, especially ones with a metallic/shimmer finish, I usually reserve them for the holidays. However this one will get a lot of use this holiday season, it’s just so pretty and glowy.

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