I Lily Love Knees Up

I feel like my last post about Butter London’s “Knees Up” didn’t give the polish enough credit.  I really do like that polish, it is such a gorgeous red and it is so classic and sexy.  I just don’t think that I can pull it off right now, it being fall (Knees Up is a holiday color) and while I’m wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants.  Thats a night at a dinner party, then to a martini lounge with a ton of male suitors type of color. I wanted to try to make it work so I looked through my collection to see what I could layer over it to make the manicure last longer.

OPI “I Lily Love You” came out over the summer in the Pretty Stems (or something Stems) collection.  It was a collection full of pinks that I wasn’t particularly drawn to with the exception of I Lily Love You.  This super sheer pink jelly with holographic glitter and flakies was my ‘must have’ for the summer and it sold out faster than a lot of OPI polishes.  But I was so shocked when I found it in a random salon in a mall I rarely go to.  This polish got a lot of use over the summer, but it has since been put on the shelf for another day.  I thought it would be awesome over top Knees Up, but sadly, this manicure failed.  The holographic flakies and glitter didn’t show up at all and it looked like a hot holiday mess exploded on my nails.  I was hoping for some holographic texture that would take this red from classic sexy to rainbow brite.  I felt like I ruined the red and I Lily Love You is so pretty it deserves to shine a lot more than it did here.  I took this manicure off almost immediately.  This combo looked so good in my head before I put it on, expecting so much more, but neither polish was done justice with this layering mishap.

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