Butter London “Wallace”

I bought this color a while ago and have left it on my shelf, waiting for the perfect opportunity to wear it.  This color is one of those amazing ugly pretty colors that I am drawn to instinctively.  I don’t know if it is because it is something completely unique and it’s rare to see girls wearing an uglier color on their nails, or if it is because I really truly do love the colors.  Either way, I love wearing colors that are unique and one of the big colors this fall is mustard yellow.  I don’t own any mustard’s and I don’t know if I’m running out to get a mustard polish, but I was definitely drawn to this blackened gold with a mustardy olive hue.

Butter London “Wallace” is a part of the Butter London fall and winter collection and when I saw this color I knew I wasn’t leaving the store without it.  This color is the exact color of a christmas tree skirt that I used to wear as an actual skirt all year round when I was little, and every year I would get really upset that my parents would make me take it off and put it around the tree.  This color is not conventionally pretty, but its gorgeous to me and I will be rocking it all fall and winter.  I almost don’t want to take it off.

4 thoughts on “Butter London “Wallace”

    • butter london polishes are seriously amazing, they are my favorite brand for quality and consistency and all that fun stuff. and wallace is definitely amazing! let me know what you think of it when you pick it up!

  1. I just bought this polish and I love it! I normally don’t gravitate towards colors like this but there is just something about Wallis that makes me love it. It looks great on you too!

    • awww thank you!! and its something about this color because i know so many girls who say the same thing. its like a weird mustardy ugly but pretty color and totally unique. i bet it looks awesome on you

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