Top 11 Nail Polishes for Fall!!


Fall is my favorite season for nail polishes so when I was putting together all my favorite nail polishes for fall, I realized I had more than just 10 that I wanted to show case.  So in an effort to appease my madness, I decided to show the polishes in terms of what the actual color is.  So I have 11 colors to blog about, but way more than 11 polishes.   Also, if anyone would like to see a video where I show case all these polishes you can watch the video above.

Jewel Tones!

Jewel tones are always in for fall, they are the unspoken fall trend that is always on point.  All these deep, saturated colors are always in for fashion and especially for nails.  Jewel tones, for those who don’t know, are the colors that of jewels (go figure).  So the colors that are always in season are the sapphires, emeralds, garnets, rubies, etc.  So here are some examples of those gem colors in polish form.

I classify sapphire as a little darker than a medium toned blue.  Navy polishes are also very in for fall, but those colors I also kind of put into the winter color category.  Sapphire, is definitely more of a fall staple and this season is one of the few times that I rock this color.  The two colors I have to show you are Finger Paints “Art You Blue?” and Butter London “Big Smoke”.  The Finger Paints has a little bit of a grey tone to it and the Butter London is more of a true sapphire color.  Butter London is darker and has that shimmer finish that is truly reminiscent of a sapphire.

The next color is emerald.  The emerald color is a deep, saturated green, and in my opinion you don’t see too many greens darker than an emerald color.  The two polishes to show off the emerald category are Sally Hansen InstaDri “Jumping Jade” and Sinful Colors “Last Chance“.  The Sally Hansen has a little bit if a blue tone to it, which definitely qualifies it as being true jade (and jade isn’t a jewel per say but it’s in jewelry and is a beautiful stone).  The Sinful Colors is definitely true deep green, exactly what I would consider an emerald color but it is a creme finish.  Creme finishes are alway beautiful for fall and I love creme shades for darker colors as well.

The next category is the ruby shades.  I love a good deep red, any type of burgundy or vampy red color.  Every single nail polish company has dark reds, and you can’t go wrong with any dark red.  Dark red colors are so classic that they are good for any time of the year.  My favorite dark red of all time has to be OPI “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ”.  This is a deep burgundy with a little bit of a purple and brown tone.  And if you aren’t aware of the meaning behind the name, this polish was a part of the OPI Chicago collection some years ago and Mrs O’Leary was the person who started the Chicago fire.  My inner history nerd (my major in college) only bought this nail polish because of the name … seriously! But it doesn’t help that the color is absolutely stunning and also bridges that gap from ruby to the garnet colors.

I don’t know exactly if these colors are in the jewel tone category, because I don’t think there is an appropriate jewel they coincide with.  But dark purples are always in style during the fall.  Again, just like dark reds, every single nail polish color makes dark purples and rich Merlot colors, but two I have here to show you are OPI “Honk if you love OPI”, which is a part of the new fall OPI collection, and OPI “Lincoln Park After Dark”.  Honk is a lighter creme finish purple, that is undoubtably purple, while Lincoln Park is an extremely dark purple that unless you are in direct sunlight it appears black on your nails.

New Trends!

This season brings new colors into trend.  Although these colors have been seen on fingers before, they are making a loud re-entrance into the world of nail polish.  These are also the colors that I have been rocking the most in the past few weeks.

Olive colors are everywhere this fall.  Some of the biggest nail polish companies have released olive polishes for the fall, OPI, China Glaze, Revlon, Zoya, etc.  I picked up one that was insanely unique from the rest but any one of those companies have beautiful shades.  Zoya “Yara” is the first olive shade, but this one is a creme with a gold micro-shimmer.  It seriously looks like money on your nails, but if you aren’t for the muted green tones you can go for something more bright but still in the olive family.  China Glaze “Zombie Zest” is a bright olive shimmer that sometimes has a little bit of a teal sheen to it.  But any olive will be totally in for fall.

Dark teal is the next huge “it” color this season.  Dark teal sort of falls into the same category as the jewel tones, the deep saturated colors, but dark teal is something different that you don’t see all that often.  I believe it was Allure magazine that projected this shade as this falls color to wear and Zoya and Nicole by OPI both released dark teals this season.  Zoya “Cynthia” is exactly the perfect shade of dark teal, but like Lincoln Park, it’s one of those colors that looks black in every light except direct sunlight (this photo was taken in direct sunlight to show the true color).  But if you couldn’t get your hands on this one, OPI released a teal last year similar to this but with a different finish and Nicole by OPI will be releasing one in November.

The next color that is everywhere, and I do mean everywhere, are the ugly pretty shades.  I am a huge fan of the ugly pretty shades, and when I say ugly pretty I mean those colors that aren’t exactly conventional but have the ability to look amazing.  Mustard yellow is all the rage this season, in clothes and in nails.  China Glaze released a mustard yellow but I didn’t pick that one up, but I did pick up Butter London “Wallace”.
Wallace is a blackened gold mustard color that is almost a foil finish it has so much sparkle in it.  It is exactly what I consider ugly pretty because it has a tone to it that not everyone can pull off and it almost looks like baby poop.  Yes, I know, horrible analogy, but it highlights the exact meaning on ugly pretty.  A color so ugly it’s pretty.


Classic Trends!

All the rest of these polishes are classic fall colors or colors from last year that were extremely trendy, but I feel they could still be current this fall.  Some of these colors are so classy and sophisticated that they must have a prominent spot on this list.

Metallics are the first classic trend that seem to pop up every fall.  I’ve been hearing so many people say metallics are this falls new trend, well they were last falls new trend too.  Every single fall metallics make a comeback and they are one of those shades that looks so polished (pardon the pun).  Every company makes a metallic shade so I just highlighted a few of mine, Orly “Rage”, which is a breathtaking rose gold, and OPI “Your Royal Shine-ness”, a silver foil.  Both of these are opaque in two coats and look so clean while having a huge bright pop at the same time.

Another sophisticated color is a trend from last fall as well.  Neutral colors fit every single age range, they can be worn by teenagers and still look great on my grandmother.  Beige is always on trend and is yet another one of those colors that every single company has.  But the crown jewel of all the beige colors is, in my opinion, OPI’s best-selling color of all time.  OPI “You don’t know Jacque” is a darkened greyish beige and was on every girls nails for the last 2 fall seasons.  You can’t go wrong with this color, and I really don’t think I need to say anything else because everyone and their sister already owns this color.

Last years “it” color was definitely that purple grey color.  That color was everywhere and still is very appropriate for fall.  It was one of my favorite colors to wear last fall, and is the best-selling color for Sephora by OPI.  The purple grey color is just as classy and sophisticated as the beige grey but it is just a little bit darker, which gives it a definite fall feel.  The purple grey color is exemplified in Zoya “Kelly”, but another color that is extremely popular is Sephora by OPI “Metro Chic”.  This picture makes it look a lot lighter than it shows up on your nails, but it is such a pretty color and reminds me perfectly of that really dark stormy sky which sometimes accompanies the changing of the season.

And finally, nothing would complete this whole collection of colors more than classic grey.  The last two colors, and even the first color mentioned, both had tones of grey in them so it’s only appropriate to add a regular grey color.  Grey was very in last winter and spring and has definitely carried over into this fall.  I was positively in love with grey last fall, partially because my favorite college football team’s colors are crimson and grey (take your guesses as to which team that is!).  My favorite grey of all time is Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear “Wet Cement”, which is a lighter creme grey, but another color I picked up recently was Pop “Foggy”, and both showcase how awesome and versitle grey can be.  Grey is sophisticated and clean while being completely edgy and subdued at the same time.


Ok, that was an insanely long post but I hope you stuck with me and you enjoyed all my ideas for fall nail polish colors.  If you scroll through my blog, you’ll see that I’ve already worn a few of these colors and you will definitely see more in future posts.

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