Pop Nail Polish Review!

I have seen the brand Pop at my Ulta for about a year or so now and have always been interested in this brand.  I would go over and play with some of the products every time I was in Ulta but never bought anything.  They had everything, from eyeshadow to blush, foundation to lip liner, and although I was intrigued about the brand I had never heard any reviews about the products. I wasn’t willing to invest in the larger price tag until I had some outside vindication that I wasn’t wasting my money.  Pop is a UK brand that carries a wide range of products but these products are expensive to say the least for a brand I had never heard of.  An eyeshadow will set you back $14 a piece while a bronzer will set you back $26.  These prices may seem similar to mac or urban decay prices, but I think you are also paying for reputation with those brands.  I went to the Pop website to check out the products and since it is a UK company, the prices are in pounds and they are considerably cheaper than in the US.  The face primer is 16 pounds while here it goes for 26 dollars.  I don’t know the conversion of pounds to dollars right now but that still seems like a lot to me.  I still can’t comment on the makeup line because sadly I have yet to buy anything but I did finally pick up a nail polish and want to share my thoughts on the formula and application for all your nail polish junkies out there.

The nail polish line that’s available at Ulta is limited, to say the least. Ulta only carried 6 colors total, a grey, teal, purple, pink and two glitters.  All these colors seemed ok but not great by looking at them in the bottle and the glitters looked a little on the sheer side.  They retailed for $10 and I was never willing to spend that much if it wasn’t a color that I “needed” to have.  But on a recent trip to Ulta, I saw that all their Pop products were on sale and this included the nail polish.  The nail polish was half off and I finally took the bait and bought the grey one.  Out of all the colors, I felt like I’d wear the grey the most often and I have to say I’m presently surprised.  “Foggy” is a medium toned grey with silver microshimmer.  It really isn’t unique or original but I don’t own a grey this tone so it’s a nice addition to my collection.


Formula and Application:  The bottle is a very tall but skinny rectangular bottle.  When I first held the bottle I was convinced that it held more product and assumed that was another reason why it was more expensive.  The bottle has .5 fl oz which is actually less than the standard.  I have an Orly bottle right next to it and that holds .6 fl oz for a smaller price tag.  My biggest complaint about the bottle was the brush.  The brush fanned out nicely and didn’t pick up too much product but it was just so long that it was hard to get an even application.  It is seriously the longest brush in my entire collection which made it for a nightmare to maneuver.  But, a bright side about the brush was that since its so long it also goes much deeper in the bottle than the average brush.  The formula was a much thicker formula, but I kind of expected that.  It is thick but not goopy and didn’t take forever to dry so it was actually a good thing, I really liked the formula.  This is 2 coats and the only down side to the finish is that it seemed to dry a little matte.


Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did but I stand by my original notions on the price tag.  It’s too expensive for colors so ordinary.  The formula and application give it major props but the brush and color range bring down the grade.  I would gladly pay for this brand again, if my Ulta gets some funky olives or dark duochromes.


Grade: B-


5 thoughts on “Pop Nail Polish Review!

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  3. Hey there – have just tried pop – bought a 5 piece set from costco for $10 – which made it worth trying. Pretty looking colors in the bottle, but I didnt have the same experience as you. REALLLLLY streaky on, I had to put 3-4 coats on and the pink wink i used is still streaky after letting it dry between coats and putting the standard base and top coat on. Ive heard mixed reviews on the brand, it’s unfortunate bc they seem to have some nice colors

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