Orly “Fowl Play”

Every season I have one polish that I drool over.  There is always one polish that I hunt for, that every store seems to be sold out of and I can’t get my mind off of.  And of course, that is normally the polish that everyone else loves as well and is all over the nail blogs and beauty sites.  Over the summer it was OPI “I Lily Love You,” and this fall it was Orly “Fowl Play”.  Ever since I saw swatches online and it was called a dupe to the covetted OPI “Merry Midnight” I was done.  I knew I had to have this and the search made my obsession even worse.  I went to my Ulta 3 times and my Sally’s twice and every single time it was sold out.  But on my last trip to Ulta to pick up thing for my YouTube giveaway I found this gem! Finally!  And I couldn’t even wait more than an hour before taking my polish off and putting this one one.

This polish is a dark plum beauty of a jelly with blue glitter and red flakies! It is by far the most beautiful dark purple I own, and I really don’t think this is my total infatuation for this polish talking.  Honestly, I haven’t taken this polish off for 3 days and there is major wear on my right index finger and I don’t care!  Normally when I notice the slightest wear I’m running for the nail polish remover but I can’t even convince myself to take this off and reapply it! I don’t want to take it off because I have about 7 polishes in line to try out and blog about so I know I won’t be able to wear it again for at least a week and I can’t wait that long to see this on my fingers again.  This is 3 coats, which is the only downside and because its a jelly it doesn’t have a perfectly even finish.  Jelly finishes are one of my favorite finishes but do have a tendency to be harder to work with.  But this color was work the 20 seconds extra to make sure that there weren’t too many bald patches.

This polish deserves multiple big pictures to do it justice!  I’m totally mesmerized and then, the best part, I asked my boyfriend what he thought and he said he loved it!!  You guys have no idea how big of a deal that is!!  My boyfriend is sweet and puts up with my OCD nail obsession but out of my entire collection he only likes 2 polishes.  Thats it … 2 polishes!! So now I can say he loves 3!! That was well worth the extensive search for this polish.

5 thoughts on “Orly “Fowl Play”

    • butter london “no more waity katy” and i can’t remember the other one lol. i wrote this post over a year ago! i can’t believe its been that long. my stash has grown slightly and he likes a lot more now

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