Barielle “Jess’s Champaign Toast”

I had taken advantage of a sale on Barielle polishes on about a month ago and they finally came in about a week ago.  I have always heard really good things about Barielle but its one of the brands that I rarely come across.  My first experience with a Barielle polish was last years holiday color, Elle’s Spell, and that is not my favorite red of all time.  The only place that I know of that carries Barielle is Ulta and my Ulta has about 4 colors to choose from, so I took full advantage of this 50% off sale in the beginning of September.  This was amoung three that I picked up and when I opened the box I was half surprised and half disappointed with this polish.

Barielle “Jess’s Champaign Toast” is a frosty lilac color with pink microglitter.  I was so shocked when I saw this polish in real life because the swatch online made it look less frosty and definitely didn’t show the glitter.  I was so excited to see a lilac frost with pink glitter because, come on, that is so uncommon but so girly! I’ve never seen a color like this one and wasted no time putting it on my nails.  This is 3 coats, and I could have gotten away with 2 but I wanted to make sure the finish was perfect.  While applying the polish, it looked like a streaky mess but the streaks evened out as it dried.  There are still some streaks but it doesn’t bother me that much.


The glitter, that is so prevelant when looking at the bottle, became almost invisible on the nail unless you hit that perfect angle.  What you end up with is a lilac frost that just looks really gritty, and it also feels gritty.  I hate the texture this polish left on my nail because the glitter doesn’t show up but it feels like a glitter nail polish.  I wish the pink glitter showed up more, and then the texture wouldn’t bother me.  But the glitter is so subtle that it almost distracts from the beauty of this polish.  I tried to take a picture that better captures what I’m talking about with the textural issues, but this was the best I could do.



The color overall is really pretty and I am shocked that I like a color like this.  Light purples aren’t my color and rarely look good against my skin tone.  I love the dark purples, plums and wines, but the lavender colors aren’t my thing.  So I was so shocked when this frosty lilac actually looked good!  This color reminds me of a snow on a sunny day and I know this color will be a staple in the winter.  This color just screams at me that it needs to be worn right after a blizzard to cheer me up when I’m digging my car out of the snow, so I will be putting it on my shelf for a more glittery day.

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