Sephora By OPI “Looks Like Rain, Dear”

I was definitely upset when I had to take “You Don’t Know Jacques” off today, but it was a necessity because I decided to play Suzie Homemaker today and baked an apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and a pumpkin cheesecake and my nails chipped like crazy.  But this is a brand new color and I debated on whether to buy it for about 5 months (no joke).  I was obsessed with this color last christmas but it was always sold out whenever I went to Sephora.  Sephora by OPI “Looks like Rain, Dear” came for their holiday collection last year and I talked myself out of buying it after taking it all the way to the register.  I convinced myself it wasn’t my style and I would never wear it, so I put it back and a week later totally regretted it when it was sold out everywhere.  I assumed it was a holiday color and I’d never see it again and it would just be “the one that got away”.  But Sephora by OPI made it a part of their permanent collection after christmas.

So for the last few months I’ve seen it at Sephora and I always pick it up to buy it, and talk myself out of it.  I still don’t think gold is my color, but this color is just too gorgeous! I finally purchased it yesterday after having a serious inner dialogue and put it on today when my last manicure had chipped beyond saving.  I thought it was a gold shimmer base with big pieces of holographic glitter but after putting it on it seems like the gold shimmer is gold microglitter.  I think this is just a glitter attack that is like grown up glitter.  This is so fine a glitter that its subtle and can definitely be sophisticated.  This is two coats but could do with 2 or 3 coats of top coat because it is definitely a gritty texture.  With all that being said, I love this color but not for right now.  This is a holiday color for sure and I have a feeling it will be a staple around christmas, but right now I want to go back to my fall colors.

5 thoughts on “Sephora By OPI “Looks Like Rain, Dear”

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