How To Make Your Own Nail Polish!! With Makeup!

I don’t know about you guys,  but sometimes I get bored with nail polish companies.  I get sick of seeing the same colors over and over and I want something completely new and unique.  Whenever I get stuck in a nail polish rut I will do two things: either create weird layering looks or I’ll just create my own nail polish!  Frankening (the common term for making your own nail polish) is so much fun and can be done in two ways.  You can either take an empty bottle and pour existing nail polish colors in and basically play painter and mix them together to create your own color, or you can take a clear coat of nail polish and pour in makeup! Creating your own nail polish by using makeup is the technique I’m showcasing here today and if you want to know more, continue reading or if you aren’t a reader and want something more visual there is a video at the bottom of this post!

So what you’ll need is …

– A clear polish.  You can use a top coat like I did,I used Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat because I had half the bottle left.  Or you can use any type of clear polish you like.

– Makeup.  I used eye shadow pigments and cosmetic glitter for this look.  But if you want to use up some of your broken blush or eyeshadow you can.  You can use any makeup color you like! If you have an eyeshadow you love and think it would look amazing as on your nails you can use that.  But you can use as many different colors as you want and this includes glitter!

– paper towel and a funnel, or a piece of paper that you can roll to create a funnel.

I used pigments and cosmetic glitter because it’s already loose and would be easier to pour into the nail polish bottle, but you can use whatever you want.

Just a shot at all the names of the pigments if you guys want to try to recreate this of even if you have these already and want a new way to play with them.

But all you do is …

– take the funnel or your make shift funnel and put it into the mouth of the clear polish.

– add the makeup, either pigments or loose shadows or broken blush, whatever you are using.  There is no right amount or wrong amount of color to put into your bottle, it’s whatever you want your polish to look like.  So pour in your colors until you’re happy with what you get!

– Once you’re done adding colors, shake the bottle like crazy! This may take a few minutes to get all the colors to mix.  Once it’s all mixed then you can either add more makeup if you aren’t happy with the colors or you can just apply the polish to try it out!

And here’s how mine turned out!  I had someone on my youtube page call it “Pixie Dust” which is a really appropriate name in my opinion.  But this was two coats and it is completely opaque.  This self-created polish reminds me a lot of OPI “Teenage Dream”!  The only downside of this polish is that it separates a lot sooner than most nail polishes.  So you have to shake polish that you make from pigments a lot more than regular polish to make sure that all the glitter doesn’t sit at the bottom.  But there you have it! Happy Frankening!!

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