Mrs. (Astra) O’Leary’s BBQ

OPI “Mrs O’Leary’s BBQ” is one of my favorite polishes.  I seriously am in love with the brownish red that in some lights looks so dark its almost black.  This vampy color even has a freaking hilarious name if you’re a history buff.  Mrs. O’Leary is the person who started the Chicago Fire so this saddistic name for a polish resembling bbq sauce that came out in the OPI Chicago collection is hilarious to me.  I had this polish on a few weeks ago and was bummed when I had to take it off.  Every time I changed up my nail polish color I reached for this color first but scolded myself because there are so many polishes in my collection that I still have yet to wear.  But I finally broke down and decided to put it on again, and then added a little something extra.

I added Zoya “Astra” to my thumb and ring fingers, my staple accent nails!  I always add to my thumbs because I love the blackberry bling nail.  The blackberry bling nail is the thumb because thats how every human with the phone texts. Highlight that texting nail girls!  Then I add glitter to the ring finger, my way of adding some glitz without having that big rock on that finger.  But I love the red glitter with the vampy red polish! Totally my style and it’s how I rock the sexy red nail.  I love dark red nails and I love how sexy I feel when I wear dark red.  But the glitter makes it me, sexy with a little sparkly twist.

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