Pure Ice Crackle Polish Review!

I have finally started to see crackle nail polishes in real life.  I know nail polish enthusiasts have been rocking this trend for almost a year, and maybe longer if they got their hands on some of the ones from overseas, but I’m finally seeing girls in the general public rock the crackle.  I know it takes some time for trends to reach the masses and trickle down into general society so I am giving girls a break on this one.  I was at starbucks the other day and the cashier was sporting a black crackle over a white polish.  And that is why I decided to post this review.  Although I’m ridiculously tired of seeing new crackles come out, a lot of girls are just starting to get into them.  Pure Ice, a nail polish brand that can be found in most drugstores, came out with their crackles over the summer. They were the first brand to come out with some loud and bright colored crackles.  While OPI and China Glaze were coming out with silver and black, Pure Ice released lime green and bright orange!

I paired the lime green crackle, ironically named shattered, with a bright purple.  I was thinking if I’m going to go for a lime green crackle I better make it as obnoxious as possible.  I went for the 80’s looks I guess and thought lime green and bright purple would be fun together.

What I’ve realized with the crackles, that some brands crack less and some brands crack more.  Some brands have a lot of space in between the cracks but really only have 4 big pieces while others separate into a billion small pieces but the spaces in between are miniscule. It all depends on the look that you like the best.  Me personally, I’m not a huge fan of the OPI or China Glaze because they have more cracks but they are closer together.  When you see those types of crackles, it looks as if your nails are just one color unless you look closely.  I prefer the larger cracking polishes, such as the Sally Hansen crackle, which is why I really like this crackle.

This polish has some amazing cracking power, being one of the types of crackles that creates big gaps in between the cracks! I have to give this crackle an amazing review because out of all the crackle brands I own, this one crackes the most, dries the fastest and just overall is the easiest to work with.  And then to top it off, its the cheapest! I bought my bottle for $3.99 at Walgreens back in the beginning of the summer.  The only downside is that this polish doesn’t seem to be widely available.  I don’t see it all that often and I check out the nail polish section every single time I go into a drugstore.  But if you can get your hands on this, its amazing and if you aren’t sick of the crackle trend yet then this is one that you need in your collection!

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