Deborah Lippmann “Ruby Red Slippers”

I had a major mishap with my last manicure.  I am thinking about writing a post all about it, because I tried out a new nail product that I had a little problem with.  All I’ll say is, I know most products you put on your nails are flammable but I’ve never actually had to deal with flames.  So I had to change up my manicure and reached for a polish that is definitely a crowd pleaser.   I wasn’t ready to change up the dark vampy red color so I decided to go for another vampy red in my collection.  Deborah Lippmann “Ruby Red Slippers” is definitely one of my favorite reds of all time.  Actually, it’s tied for first.  This polish is also my boyfriends favorite.  He always begs me to wear it and I have a theory about that.

Ladies, if you’re a nail junkie like myself, then you know that there are certain colors that get more attention.  When I wear dark red, I feel sexier and more confident and that shows to other people.  My boyfriend loves this vampy polish because its ultra sexy and also because when I wear it I feel sexier.  I wore this to one of my best friends bridal shower and even her husband to be complimented this nail polish.  I have a theory that men love dark red nails because it screams sex appeal.  I don’t know if it is my confidence that pulls off the polish or if its the polish that gives me the confidence.  Either way, I’m way into dark red nails this fall and now have about 8 more to add to my polish wish list.


4 thoughts on “Deborah Lippmann “Ruby Red Slippers”

  1. I looove this polish!!! I still can’t bring myself to spend $18 on one bottle but I did find Wet n Wild’s Behind Closed Doors which suppose to be a “close” dupe…I think I will test your theory and see if my boyfriend notices it more 😉

    • yeah i’ve seen the swatches on vampy varnish comparing the two and they are almost exact dupes … i wish i didn’t spend as much on this polish but i got it a year before the wet n wild came out so oh well

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