Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Stains Review!!

I have a thing for lip stains, they are probably my favorite lip product besides chapstick.  When it comes to my lips, I normally don’t go bold or crazy because I don’t like the up keep.  I don’t like touching up my lips for some reason and when I do wear lipstick, I always forget that I’m wearing it.  And because I forget that I’m wearing any sort of lipstick it ends up looking awful.  When it comes to my lips, I tend to go for lip stains because if it really is a stain then I am good to go for the whole day and I can forget that I have it on.  So when I saw a while ago that one of my favorite makeup brands came out with lip stains, I didn’t hesitate to grab a few to play with.

I ended up getting two of the matte lip stains because I felt like with a matte finish, I could pair more glosses or chapsticks over top.  Plus, I like a matte finish sometimes.  I like having the ability to have a color on my lips that won’t detract from an ultra shimmery eye look, sometimes a glossy lip with a super shimmery eye is too much.  But matte is so versatile, you can wear it on its own or put a gloss over top and achieve different looks.

I grabbed two shades, exposed (left) and lucky (right).  I have to say, I really like these lip stains.  They look like large crayons and go on really easily.  Although they are matte, they don’t feel chalky or settle into all the fine lines in my lips.  And something different with these lip stains, they apply like a regular lipstick.  Most lip stains I’ve tried start off as a liquid or a gel but this starts off as a solid.  I love the twist up applicator and the fact that they aren’t messy like liquid stains can be.  I really like the color range, and although I have two mattes here, they have 3 different finishes.  There are so many positives about this product that I hate to get into the negative, but there are 2 big problems that I find with these that will turn a lot of people off.

Although it is a stain, the staying power isn’t fantastic.  Some lip stains claim to stay on for 8 or more hours and some claim 12 hours.  This product doesn’t have any outlandish claims about the staying power but I find that the regular wear isn’t more than 2 or 3 hours.  This doesn’t seem like the staying power of a lip STAIN.  A lipstick maybe, but a stain I feel should have a longer life on my lips.  But the thing I love most about this product is how it wears.  This may should weird, but even though it doesn’t stay on my lips longer than a few hours, it has the most natural fade of any makeup product I own!  Seriously the color has such a natural fade that I don’t even notice the color gradually going way until it is all gone.  I never have to worry about the color settling into the lines of my lips and then a few hours later, the outline of my lips and all the lines are still a beautiful bright coral while my lips are a dull soft pink.


So for me, a negative is actually a positive.  Even though the wear isn’t great, it fades amazingly and doesn’t leave a weird wear pattern as a lot of other stains do.  The other negative, this is definitely drying.  A few minutes after applying you can feel your lips getting drier and tighter, and that is something I’m not a fan of.  So 9 times out of 10, I stick a Burt’s Bees chapstick in my pocket and apply throughout the day.  The price is a little bit of a downer too at $24 a piece.  But I really like the wear, the application and the color range.  So now onto the colors …


Exposed is one of those “my lips by better” shades.  It is a darker nude color with a little bit of a peach tone to it.  It is my lip tone but a  little bit darker and makes my lips stand out without being a really bright and bold color.  This is definitely the color I reach for out of the two because it is the most versatile.  But if you’re someone who likes brighter colors then lucky might be your cup of tea.


Lucky is a pink, not really bright or light or dark.  Just pink.  I can’t even describe it any differently.  It’s not a barbie pink or a mauve, just a regular pink color.  But it is really pretty and out of the two, this seems to stay on longer than the other.  It’s probably because it is a different color than my lip color and stands out more when I wear it.


Overall, I really really like these, even if the wear isn’t as long wearing as some lip stains on the market.  I don’t love the price but I love the versatility.  It is a give and take but the positives definitely outweigh the negatives.  You know what you’re getting into when you go for Tarte products and the fact that they are all natural and paraben free makes it worth the price for me.


Grade: A-, downside is the short wear in comparison to other lip stains.


What do you guys think? Does anyone have any of these?

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