Revlon “Starry Pink”

I haven’t seen this much hype for a drug store nail polish collection in a while.  Actually, correction, I haven’t seen this much hype for a drug store  nail polish collection that isn’t Wet n Wild in a while.  Wet n Wild majorly stepped up their game in the last few years and now are a huge drug store contender for all beauty products.  But this post isn’t about Wet n Wild, it’s about Revlon.  Revlon isn’t a brand of nail polish I reach for.  I think Revlon polishes chip easier than some other brands, I have a weird hate for the bottle shape (I think it looks really old and dated) and nothing I’ve seen from them is overly unique or something that I “have to have”.  Until recently.  Revlon is known for duping high end popular nail polish colors, particularly Channel polishes, but they just released a 3 polish collection that rivals my glitter guru, Miss Deborah Lippmann.

Revlon released 3 new glitter polishes this season in a collection called Revlon’s Expressionist Collection, one of which is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann “Bad Romance” and is called “Facets of Fuchsia”.  “Facets of Fuchsia” is a black jelly base with large fuchsia/magenta chunky glitter and finer magenta glitter,  “Blue Mosaic” is a blue base with large blue, silver and green chunky glitter, and the third was “Starry Pink”.  Revlon “Starry Pink” is an extremely pale creamy pink with large pieces of silver chunky glitter and finer silver micro-glitter.  This is 3 coats and I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t as easy to work with as some have written about.  It was a little hard to get an even application.  The color itself is really really soft and pretty.  I felt really feminine and sweet while wearing this polish and it reminded me how much I like wearing soft pinks.


But I do have to say one thing about this color, I don’t like how the creamy pink actually seems to cover up the silver glitter.  I think Revlon could have made this is a pink jelly rather than a pink creme and it wouldn’t take away from the beauty if the glitter.  I have a lot of these types of colors and this is the only one that I have where the glitter is pretty much completely covered up.  I wish this was a jelly finish rather than a creme and this polish would easily be one of my favorite pinks, if not my all time favorite.  But when I see this on my nails I think, “so so pretty, I wish they took it to the next level.”


What do you guys think?  Anyone have this polish?


2 thoughts on “Revlon “Starry Pink”

  1. I don’t have the polish, but I just wanted to say that if you think Revlon’s bottle looks dated, that’s because it IS, quite literally. I’m 50 years old and started wearing nail polish in the early 70s, I think it was, and the bottle was almost exactly the same. (Even some of the colors are the same. I read somewhere lately that Cherries in the Snow dates back to something like 1938.)

    (Found your blog via Google Plus. Hi!)

    • wow i had no clue about the cherries in the snow. thanks so much for that! you learn something new every day! i knew revlon bottles were an older design because i remember the adds from the early 90s with the same shape but didn’t do my research to find out how old

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