Butter London “Big Smoke”

I bought this polish a long time ago with every intention of wearing it.  I think it’s been about 3 months since I bought this gem and it went straight into my collection without ever been swatched.  I mentioned it in a video and one of the girls who watches my videos said that she had it and hated it and wanted to know my opinion.  That was probably 2 and a half months ago now.  Yeah, I’m insanely late in trying out this polish and I really don’t have a reason why I never reached for it.  It is a really pretty sapphire color and I even mentioned it in my Top 11 Fall nail polishes, and I had yet to wear it.  But I am trying to wear all the polishes in my collection that I’ve never worn, and I think I’m down to just 2 or 3 left!  So it was between this polish and other one of my untried beauties in my stash and my boyfriend chose this one.

Butter London “Big Smoke” is a true sapphire blue color and is seriously perfect for fall.  I really regret not wearing this color sooner after putting it on.  Butter London is my favorite nail polish brand because of the quality of their nail polish.  It has an amazing consistency, it isn’t thick but is heavily pigmented, dries quickly and stays on my nails really well without chipping while never ever staining.  I can’t rave about this brand enough and this color is just another impressive color.  Although not incredibly original, it is one of the few true blue’s I own and that is saying something.  I don’t know exactly what to call this finish because it isn’t a full on shimmer, or a metallic, or a creme, but it has a slight sheen and looks a little like velvet in the bottle.  Overall, I like this a lot and I will definitely reach for it again now that I know it looks this pretty on my nails.


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