Shausha is a Traffic-Stopper!

So I couldn’t just leave my last manicure alone. I loved the duochrome but after wearing two lighter duochromes in a row, I needed to switch it up.  So instead of taking off one of my fall staple colors, I added glitter!  Sinful Colors “Shausha” is a cooper purple duochrome, and I think it is actually a purple base that shimmers cooper.  I figured I would add a similar colored glitter to keep the harmony.  Sephora by OPI “Traffic-Stopper Copper” is one of my favorite glitters of all time!

Seriously, it is a chunky copper glitter with small pieces of copper glitter suspended in a clear base.  If you are familiar with the Sephora by OPI glitters then you know that they are all pretty much the same but different metal shades.  They have the same formula in silver, gold and copper, and they can be layered to create an opaque glitter look (takes about 4 coats) and you can have a minx-like manicure.  But this is one coat of traffic-stopper over 2 coats of shausha.  It was so nice and blingy and fall at the same time.  The one thing that I didn’t like about this manicure was the minute that I put the glitter over top, the copper in the duochrome seemed to take a back seat.  I only saw the copper glitter over a purple polish instead of sometimes seeing copper glitter over copper.  I’m getting really picky but I wish I could have had an in-your-face type of copper explosion but instead I got a really pretty copper and purple manicure.  But, either way, I like it and will probably rock it again.

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