Sinful Colors “Shausha”

I know I still have a whole mess of nail polishes that I still need to wear, but after having on that Essence duochrome from my last nail of the day post, I knew I had to wear another one.  And I knew just the one I would be going for.  Sinful Colors “Shausha” is a fall staple for me.  You know how you have certain clothes that you only wear in the winter or the summer? Well I’m that way with nail polishes.  I have certain colors that I only wear during certain seasons.  In my weird OCD head, I can only wear yellow in the summer and will only wear nudes in the winter.  Don’t ask me why, it’s just my thing.  But I’m a firm believer that a girl should wear whatever color she wants and whatever color makes her feel sexy, not matter the trends or season it is.  But I needed to take multiple pictures to show off this inexpensive beauty.

This color is a fall staple for me because the warm rich copper and purple duochrome is like exactly what fall colors are to me.  Although you don’t see too many leaves change to purple, the cooper and purple just go so well together and it’s a seamless transition between the two colors.  This just screams fall in a bottle, which is why it is a special polish only reserved for the fall.  Once fall thanksgiving is over, this polish goes back on the shelf until September.  Why? Because I wear polish according to the seasons and also because I’ve never ever seen this color except for the one and only time when I bought it.  This color is so hard to find in the sinful colors world, at at least in my sinful colors world.  I’ve only ever seen this color once, in one store, and online.  So if you’re an avid online shopper, you should pick this beauty up for $1.99 and if not good luck hunting it down.

I love this color and in my opinion it is one of those that is soft enough and not that bright that it can be worn by all ages and skin tones and still look amazing.


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