Barielle “Buddah-ful”

I am totally lacking on posting my nail of the days.  I majorly broke a nail while taking my boyfriend to the airport last Friday, and when I say broke a nail I mean almost down to point of my nail bleeding.  I haven’t had a break that bad in months and I couldn’t bring myself to file all my nails down.  Thank god I broke it on my non-swatching hand.  Actually, the nails on my right hand are always shorter than the nails on my left hand because its my dominate hand and because I go to law school and spend about 10 hours a day reading and taking handwritten notes.  So because I didn’t want to file every single nail down and only filed the nails down on my right hand, I opted for a light color in my collection that is close enough to my skin tone to not draw attention to my uneven nail lengths.

Barielle “Buddah-ful” is a cream colored polish with green flakies in it! I’ve never seen a color like this and when I saw this during the Barielle sale on last month.  Now this is a nude that I can totally get behind! This is 3 coats of perfection and it is completely opaque.  This color is just a little lighter than my skin tone so it comes across as a nude but then when it hits the light, it flashes bright green! I’m in love.  This may have replaced Deborah Lippmann “Naked” as my favorite nude! I couldn’t be happier because it’s a nude with some attitude and flakies seriously make everything better.


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