Vodka and Caviar makes me ask Whats a Tire Jack?

So, getting into the spirit of Halloween also means watching a lot of horror movies for me.  I get way into the Chiller Channel and Sci-Fi horror movies every year.  I also tend to listen to harder music and get back into my punk high school roots.  Getting into that spirit, I’ve been doing more manicures that resemble the season and my inner bad ass that I haven’t let come out in a while.  While I ditched my purple and pink hair when I was 19, I haven’t completely forgotten the red and black nails that so many of the guitar players that I had a crush on used to rock.  So in honor of me listening to the Misfits nonstop and watching scary movies, I decided to put together the most bad ass color combo I know … black and red.

This is a way that I can get behind a red! I don’ t know why but adding black to any manicure immediately makes me feel edgier.  And red and black seems like the edgiest of color combos.  I really can’t explain why, but this manicure makes me feel like such a bad ass because all of the really pretty punk girls would rock red and black nails.  I took my classic bright red, OPI “Vodka and Caviar” and paired it with my signature black polish Sephora by OPI “What’s a Tire Jack?”.  But to make this manicure more like me, I accented my ring finger rather than the more traditional (well traditional for the alternative style) middle finger or index finger.  I love red and black and I love this time of year and I have since repeated this manicure twice.  I can’t get enough.

5 thoughts on “Vodka and Caviar makes me ask Whats a Tire Jack?

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