Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara Review!

So Ulta is having some massive sales for the month of October.  I mentioned in a recent post that they had buy 2 OPI or China Glaze and get a top coat or base coat free.  Well they also had buy 2 get 1 free for Orly and a few drug store brands.  I was in the market to get a new mascara at the time and the fact that Maybelline was having a buy 2 get 1 free for any of their eye products I jumped at the chance to pick up a few new mascaras.  I picked up 2 mascaras that have gotten amazing reviews and that I haven’t tried before. I ended up getting a clear mascara/brow gel as my freebie but I immediately went home and tried out the Maybelline Falsies Flared Mascara!

I wasn’t a huge fan of the original Falsies mascara.  I thought it was too clumpy, I didn’t like the wand and I had to work with it more than the average mascara.  Also, Maybelline mascaras rank somewhat low for me on the drugstore mascara chain.  I find that they flake really badly once you use them for a while so I throw them away faster than any other brand.  They are really good mascaras for about a month and then the flaking is just out of control and my mascara won’t last an entire day.  So as a rule, I don’t experiment with Maybelline mascaras unless I’m really really curious or they get really good reviews.  So when I kept hearing that this mascara was a vast improvement over the original I had to give it a second try.

The brush is similar but different than the original.  It still has that scope shape, but unlike the original, it has very long bristles.  The bottom of the wand has extremely long wire bristles and the top has smaller ones.  The want itself is very flexible and is easy to maneuver, but it is also really big and some what bulky.  It works well with my eyes and lashes but I have larger eyes and longer lashes than some other girls.  I could work with it easily but it may be difficult for people with small eyes.  Also, the opening is smaller so the bristles come off a lot cleaner than the original.

I know my eyes are red, I took this picture in the morning as I was getting ready.  But this is what my lashes look like without mascara.  They are basically blonde and hard to see, which is probably why I wear so much mascara on a consistent basis.

This is 2 coats.  As you can see, this mascara makes my lashes long and separated.  This gives my lashes the million lashes look which I absolutely love.  I tend to gravitate towards the mascara that separate my lashes but also the ones that give me a really black lash look.  This mascara gives a semi-natural look.  Obviously they aren’t natural but they don’t make my lashes look too fake, nor do they give them insane volume.  This just nicely separates and gives them a softer, more fluttery look.  This mascara doesn’t clump at all! I’ve applied a ton of this to see how much I can apply before it clumps and it really doesn’t ever clump.  A negative to that, it never gives the big bold lash look.


But what I don’t like about this mascara, is that this is brand new, and it looks flaky.  I hate the fact that I can see the flakes on my lashes, and I hate that it looks like if I touch my lashes I’ll have black mascara pieces all over my face.  Although it doesn’t flake, it has that look of an old mascara when it is brand new.  Also, it isn’t voluminous.  It gives a nice fluttery look but even if I layer this on line crazy, I don’t get a very voluminous lash look.  It looks mostly soft and fluttery and is really nice if you’re going for a natural look. I gravitate towards this mascara if I’m not wearing any other eye makeup, but other than that I have to layer something over top to make my lashes actually stand out.


Overall, I don’t hate this mascara but I’m not as in love as other people are.  It was cheap, I think about $7 and is widely available.  It isn’t the most voluminous mascara but it gives a nicely separated and long lash look.  Its perfect for girls who don’t want the fuss and who don’t wear a lot of eye makeup because its very soft looking and very natural.  If I got this in brown, it would look like I just had awesome natural lashes.  I wish it gave more volume like the original did, but I love the brush and how easy the application is.


Grade: B-


What do you guys think?



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