Nails Inc. “Bloomsbury Square”

You guys have no idea how excited I was when I heard Nails Inc. was coming to the States.  I used to live over in London and remember seeing Nails Inc, but unfortunately that was before my really bad obsession with nail polish so I didn’t try any of it out.  You guys have no idea how much I regret not being a nail junkie back then because there are so many brands that are only available in the UK.  I’m going back over to the UK in a couple months and I have a wishlist a mile long of the polishes I’m going to get.  Now I can cross Nails Inc. off that list because it is available at my Sephora.  I finally checked out the Nails Inc. display and was totally impressed.  I wanted to try out a lot of the colors but ended up picking up 3 glitters and 1 very special polish that will get it’s own post.

Nails Inc. “Bloomsbury Square” is from their 3D Glitter Special Effects line and is being a girl in a bottle.  Does that make any sense? I can’t even picture a more girly color, but I am freaking in love.  Its a bright purple microglitter with larger pieces of hot pink glitter.  Bright purple and hot pink glitter? That is the most girly combination.  This is 3 coats to achieve full opacity but because it is packed with glitter, it dried in no time.  So I didn’t mind that it was 3 coats because by the time I was done with the last nail, my first nail was completely dry.  After trying this polish out, I was so impressed that I went on the Nails Inc. website to see if they had more colors, and there are so many more amazing looking glitters and duochromes that weren’t available at my Sephora.  I am really impressed and now know that Nails Inc. will be making a larger spot in my collection.


6 thoughts on “Nails Inc. “Bloomsbury Square”

  1. Sooo gorgeous!!!! This looks really similar to one of the new Wet n Wild colors I want to get called Back Alley Deals. I definitely want to try some of Nail Inc magnetic polishes though!

  2. That looks so pretty!! Now I’m going to have to run to Sephora and see if mine has this brand. I just love bright and flashy glitters… I don’t know how anyone can resist them! 🙂

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