Nicki Minaj OPI 2012 Collection!!!

OPI has done it again! Last January it was a collaboration with Katy Perry, and in my opinion it probably was one of the most sought after nail polish collections in a while, and next year its going to be with Nicki Minaj.  All of these celebrity endorsed nail polish collections seem to create the most buzz and when I saw these promo pictures I knew I had to share the information.  OPI released these pictures yesterday and there is already so much buzz on nail polish sites and tumblr that I feel like I’m already late putting up this post.  OPI and Nicki Minaj teamed up to create an eye popping, brightly colored collection that is paired with some fun glitter and a new shatter … and honestly, would you expect anything different from Nicki?  Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find out a release date for this collection yet, but hopefully these promotional materials will get someone a little excited about some new colors!

(pictures from

So this collection comes with 2 cream shades, 1 shimmer, 2 glitters and 1 shatter.  Here is a break down of the colors

Pink Friday – a light shimmery pink, it seems from the promotional pictures this may have a slight duochrome finish.  It seems to shimmer from pink to blue, but then again, they are flat pictures and I’m just making an educated guess.  I’m kind of hoping for a light pink/light blue duochrome because that would be incredible!

Fly – a bright medium toned blue that is leaning more towards an darker aqua blue creme

Did It On Em – a bright lime green creme.  This one seems really really close to the lime green from the OPI Shrek collection that came out about a year and a half ago

Save Me – a silver, blue, pink, gold and maybe some other rainbow color glitter.  This one looks like it is in a clear base with a ton of silver, blue and pink glitter but some of the sites that I’ve visited have said its a rainbow glitter.  Again, won’t be able to tell until swatches are made available or it hits stores.  But this is definite one of those bar style glitters, the long skinny glitter pieces rather than a a circular or square glitter.

Metal 4 Life – a dense charcoal grey glitter.  This seems to be an extremely dense and dark grey glitter that has microglitter and large chunky glitter that is also monochromed.

Super Bass Shatter – a dark purple metallic shatter


Overall, this collection is going to be just as huge as the Katy Perry OPI collection.  I know that a ton of girls look up to Nicki Minaj for her ability to pull off bright colors and this polish collection to me seems so appropriate for her.  When I think of Nicki Minaj, I think of lime green eye shadow and bright pink lips.  The only thing that this collection seems to be missing is a barbie pink color.  I know there’s a pink shimmer, but doesn’t she call herself the black barbie? So I would have thought one of the colors would be barbie in a bottle.  I know this collection is going to be highly sought after, and I have definitely included Metal 4 Life on my wishlist.  I also am really interested to see if Pink Friday is a duochrome.  If Pink Friday is anything like I imagine it will be, then that color is the first color that I am spending money on.


What do you guys think? Anyone adding any of these colors to their polish must-haves?


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